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I don't want to reveal too much here because you need to read it all to fully understand and grasp the power of this system. But to give you an idea, here's a "sneak peak" at what you will find contained within the pages of...

"How YOU Can Xperiment with Power"

Table of Contents

  1. How Did I Do What I Did?
  2. How Did I Use It When I Needed Peace And Power
    In My Home When I Needed Help Being A Better Mom Or Partner?
  3. How Does It All Work?
  4. Directing Outcomes
  5. How Do We Acquire Doubt-Free And Powerful Faith?
  6. Creating Your Very Own Hour Of Power
  7. How Long Does It Take To Create?
  8. Discouragement, Depression, Feeling Down Out
  9. "Thank God Some Of Our Great Desires Do Not Come To Us!"
  10. Creating Money
  11. Blasting Through Limitation, Fear And Worry
  12. Can We Heal An Illness Or Physical Condition?
  13. How To Hear Answers To Prayer: How To Pray Effectively,
    How To Get Answers If You Do Not Pray
  14. Finding The Gifts: Chaotic Times!
  15. Another Powerful Way To Feel And
    Use Your Power Morning Conversations
  16. What It Means To Be Powerful
  17. Daily Miracles
  18. Creating A X-Ecutive Mastermind Team For Your Life
  19. Morning & Evening Rituals - Make Them Sacred
  20. Creating Your Own Personal Belief System
  21. How Can We Feel The Love And Guidance
    From Our Loved Ones Who Have Passed On?
  22. The Unexpected Magic
  23. Being Your Own Love Generator And
    Creating Outrageous Love In Your Life
  24. My Personal Invitation To You

I can assure you, this quick table of contents doesn't do the system justice. It's filled with wall-to-wall information that can make such an amazing impact in your life, your quality of life, and the life of your loved ones.

The Complete System Answers
Some of Your Most Burning Questions...

...And So Much More...

So, What Is The Value Of
Outrageous Mastery®

Can you put a dollar value on owning this kind of power... the ability to create your dreams, the end of your suffering, and turn all your dreams into reality?

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Of course, your investment is far less than that. Even less than a fraction. How can you put a value on such things? There is nothing comparable to the secrets of being a master creator with mind-blowing power! None!

What you will have in your possession is my 30 years of intensive struggle, research, and experimenting with power to develop a simple methodology YOU and I can use to create anything. Yes, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

No, I will not charge $10,000 for the secrets to quick power. I could. And I know it would be worth every penny. (It certainly was for me!) But I want you to be able to feel the joy I do -- no matter your current financial situation.

There were times when I could not afford high-priced solutions. So asking $1,000 would still be too steep. In fact, I am not even going to charge $500 for them. (I've seen some similar packages available for $395, and so on.)

I am giving away my priceless and confidential secrets to power that I have never ever shared before. Once your order is processed, you will be given the top-secret link to download and the instantly to open and devour for only $247 $97.

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How YOU Can Xperiment with Power

- the actual system itself, and breaks down, piece by piece and step by step, the various components of applying OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® to your life and your faith.

From timeless principles, to specific tools and techniques, I share everything with you on how to create miracles in your life. Look at it as the instruction manual for applying the system.

The Ultimate Blueprint for YOUR LIFE

Part journal, part checklist, part manual is your playbook. I prefer to call it a playbook than a workbook because Outrageous Mastery® shares with you how to play with life -- rather than let life play with you (and let it win).

Use this book to guide you along your learning process, and reach the many steps easily, quickly and with more fun!

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In Love and Mastery,

PS. The OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® system isn't just a quick fix system or a motivational course that gets you excited now and 2 months later you find yourself in the same place as you were prior to reading OM. It will truly change your life. Below is a rather long testimonial / conversation I received from a beautiful woman named Lani, and I just had to share it with you

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