What People Are Saying About
OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® by Sasha Xarrian...


“It Is The Most Wonderful Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me”


Dear Sasha,

I am amazed.  I can’t believe it.  
I feel like being in the middle of a fairy tale and I can’t find the words how grateful I am to you. It all sounds familiar I still can’t believe that it really exists.  

It was not long ago that I finished your books.  I can’t imagine living my further life without being aware of the precious gift you have given to me, to us.  It is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.  

You are my absolute motivation you who took the courage to put down and tell people about what I have or some of us have long dreamt about.

While I was reading your book I discovered my secret thoughts, my dreams, my desired reality. Now I know it is not worth living any moment of my life without the principles you have brought to my knowledge. Now you are part of my life every single day.

Sasha, I would like people in my country to know about your book.  I would like to translate your book into Hungarian.  I am an English teacher specialized in translation and interpretation.  I live in Hungary, Europe.  What do you think?  Please, let me know. 

Yours with love,


Monika Huszár


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“This System Has Even Shocked Me!!!!”


Sasha!!!! Oh my word!!!!!!!! :)


I am no stranger to focused intention or even manifestation, but this system has even shocked me!!!! In a good way....


I was asked to vacate my office two weeks ago because of a cynical woman who wanted to make me the scapegoat for things going wrong...business is suffering and the thought of having to move on top of that was making me scared. So I have just started OM II and had my Moment of OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® and visualized how I wanted to be offered the room back, make friends and have the apology deserved....well imagine my face when this evening went EXACTLY like that....I got the apology, I was told she didn't want me to go because she loved me and we have been able to clear the air!!!!


I love God, I love you and I love ME....and I love all the other outrageous Masters on this planet!!!! Woooh!!!!!


I knew this stuff worked, I really did....but this system, for me, puts it

into a formula that you can follow simply....


There have been other little things that have proved this true too...but

this one experience above has completely blown me away!!


Sasha!!!! You rock!!!


Tanya Dransfield, DHP MAPHP(Acc.) LNCP

Leigh on Sea, Essex , United Kingdom

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“I Have Never Been So Excited In My Life Like This Time!”

Photo of me on my
wedding day

Hi Sasha,


I have never been so excited in my life like this time. I can't put the book down and things are really moving at a fast pace. I feel as if everything had been held back in my life for me to come to this point and really learn what faith is all about. And then suddenly it’s as if some flood-gates have been flung open and all I had craved for in character development is now manifesting.  


Businesses I had left dormant for lack of confidence are suddenly coming to life. People are calling and ordering whom I don't even know.


My life is bubbling over with joy. The Presence of God seems to be around me all the time!


Its incredible! My prayers are answered instantly!


Thank you so much Sasha.

May God continually bless you.



Abigail N. Shani

Kenya , Nairobi





“It Is Lightening, Earthquake And Thunders. You Have Made Me UNRESTRAINED, UNLIMITED, CUT LOOSE !!!!! 

“I Asked For 200%. It Manifested 300%!”

   DSCF3033 vivek

Dear Sasha,


Warm Greetings and Namaste from India ,


I am pleased to give you details of manifestation : 300% Confirmed orders for my Motivational Training programmes:


I am an M A (Social Work  from Loyola College , Chennai, and have been working as a Motivational Trainer since 1999.


In the past I was blessed with the opportunity to be initiated into Manifestation art by few Masters.  When I came across your OM I found the Difference. The  OM techniques were similar to what earlier learnt.  But .. the real-time Energy Network behind OM is unlimited and fast.


I decided to manifest (not experiment) right away. I went into a state of peace and joy and entered into a relaxed awareness. The time was 11 pm night. My wife and son had slept off. I took a paper and wrote my DECREES:  I decide to allow into my life 200% increase of orders for my Motivational Training programmes". I meditated. I understood the vibration of the name of 'Sasha Xarrian' I knelt down near my cot and paid my respects to the Guru. I thanked her for Being and her decision to elevate consciousness of abundance and joy outrageously. Whenever I went out, I kept this decree into my shirt pocket along with a photograph of Sasha Xarrian, my Manifesting and Teaching Guru.


I also dictated how this should be manifested. I decided that I would get those orders without myself making any 'sales calls'.   18 hours after my decree, I received a call from my new client. He placed an order with me with which was exactly 100% more. The next day I went for a briefing from this client. (Now I added further play of ' OM '.  I dictated the words he should use to give me additional new orders for the month of July.) During the briefing I made a presentation about my other high-end programmes in India and Gulf. After listening to my proposals he right away gave me dates for 2 programmes in July. The worth of these orders was another 200% more. (Yes, he used the same words: " Vivek, We are doing two more programmes in July also".) I asked for 200%. It manifested 300%!

I attribute this rapid and 'violent' manifestation to  OM  and the person called Sasha Xarrian. I appreciate her for coagulating such power of consciousness and lavishing it on her children like us, worldwide. Yes, you had done all the xperiments which we now don’t have to tough it out. We simply command. It obeys Sasha Xarrian. 


Your name, your face + OM accelerates manifestation. YOU did it for me. I thank you. You have given YOUR SELF through OM.


Since the time I tuned in to your Power of Intention which is raising the consciousness of joy and abundance.... many more miracles which otherwise would take longer time to manifest are taking place around me in a short time. It is lightening, earthquake and thunders. You have made me UNRESTRAINED, UNLIMITED, CUT LOOSE !!!!! 


Sasha, we love you. We Need you.


Love and hugs,


Vivek Gandhi






"For Any Human Being Facing Adversity"

Sasha, you have set an example, not only for single moms, but any human being facing adversity, in your wonderful book. I could not put it down.

Of everything in it--and there was a lot in it!--the section that I liked the best and recommend to my clients is the "Thank you" letter to your ex for all the trouble he caused you. When a person is about to read such a letter, the automatic thought is, "Oh, she's going to be sarcastic," but no, that is not what your attitude is at all. Instead, in spite of the hurt and pain that was delivered to you by your original Church, you obviously still recognize God's role in the Universe and recognize therefore, that even what looks to us like bad is good. What a fantastic exercise for hurt people to do so as to lift them up! I am very impressed with you and a very big fan of your book!

Dr. Debby Schwarz Hirschhorn, Ph.D,

Marriage and Family Therapist


Hollywood , Florida





“My Relationship Issues Have Shifted Dramatically For The Better”

Hi Sasha!


I bought your books about a year ago or so, and absolutely loved them.  When I read the first book (about your life) I could identify with so much of what had happened to you, a lot of the time it was like I was reading about myself.  Funnily enough (you might think...) the most valuable thing I got out of it all was the realization (probably 'reminder' is more accurate) that I'm not supposed to be doing everything by myself, and that I have a 'team' to help me.  That has been a major development, and also being reminded by you to proceed from a position of power, which I know is the most effective . . .


My relationship issues have shifted dramatically for the better, and I realize now that the major shift there occurred when I decided that I had had enough of the existing situation!


Sasha, thank you again for all your wonderful information, I love your approach, your strength and your humor, and I wish you continued success, happiness and 'outrageousness'!


With best regards


Gerdi Altman

Nahariya , Israel





“I Have To "Shout It Out Loud," OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® Is Truly Outrageous, Awesome And Astonishingly Powerful.” 

Hi Sasha:


I have to "Shout it Out Loud," OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® is truly outrageous, awesome and astonishingly powerful.  For the past two days, I have lived at my computer reading OM1 & OM2. I absolutely could not put this down. It registered to the spirit within ... and without ... creating and directing powerful movement.


I have been manifesting for the past year. However, nothing has moved me like OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®! Your story is truly incredible. You are a remarkable woman, a soul-mover, from on High!


One day, I wrote in my journal that I wanted the exact formula for generating vast sums of cash. A few weeks later, I did an Internet search on Miracle Healings, somehow I ended up on your site. After reading your introduction and the testimonials, I knew that I had found the exact formula that I wanted to attract along with some healing techniques.


The still, small voice inside, told me that it was fine to spend the money on this program, as there would be money coming soon. It was okay. It just was. 


I truly became empowered reading your story. As I was reading, I decided to Xperiment with Prayer right then. I truly, desired a peaceful day, which meant that I wanted my husband to job hunt all day.  With my husband being recently laid-off, I wanted a job for him as well.


This is so awesome ...  I started reading at 7:30 am and at 10:00 am , the phone rang. The caller ID indicated it was a Staffing service to which my husband had applied. I immediately called my husband to notify him. Low and behold, he was going to be gone all day as he had found work for the day. Yes, I had the day to myself and my husband was on his way to having a new job. Later that evening, a potential employer called my husband to inquire as to how much pay he was interested in receiving. Yes, it works!


Today, I knew and felt the height, I am to reach in manifesting with OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®!  I was jumping up and down in my kitchen saying "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." I will reread OM2 along with the Play Guide tomorrow.


I can create anything with OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®! 


Dr. Tami Wright-Carroll 

Palmdale , California



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“This Was Outrageous!! Because I Just Had Prayed About It This Morning.”

Yes, Sasha.   Just today, I asked for 15K in cash to pay for some bills I want to pay off.  I asked God for it, and prayed to him that knew he would grant it, and I had a peace about me that I knew it would come. I didn't know from where it would come from.  Today, I got a call from my realtor that someone offered to buy a piece a property I have for sale for 50K in cash.  Whoever it was just faxed him the 50K offer. 


This was outrageous!! because I just had prayed about it this morning.  I want more to happen like that.


Thank you,


Blanca Blanco

Houston , Texas





“I Am Living Proof That These Principles Work.”


Dear Sasha,


Not three years ago all I had was a sack with all my belongings in it: some items of clothing, a Bible, and some powerful writings I had collected after I decided to take charge of my life and regenerate myself. I had lost home, car, job, husband and daughter AND my beloved dog, Cookie. Everything was gone but I now knew how to get it back. I have the power in me. It takes desire and focus and working toward constant improvement on self and my situation in life. I changed my whole environment and surrounded myself with positive, spiritual people who believe in a Higher Power and work towards improving their relationship with Him on a daily basis. People who use stumbling blocks as stepping-stones and who see opportunity in every calamity are those whom I surround myself with now. I visualized myself as curvaceous and beautiful as I walked and exercised and I lost 35 lbs. and got myself into the best shape ever. I visualized myself as a successful, composed speaker and within one year was sharing my story in front of 200 people.


Before my tragedy occurred, I had looked up into the stars and said, "God, I wish I could meet an older gentleman with no wife or kids, who is financially independent, responsible, intelligent, charming and romantic." In the background I could hear my alcoholic husband yelling from the house at me to come back inside. I looked up at the stars and wished my wish anyway. Now, the answer to my prayers and I are blissfully together. In fact, tomorrow I am due in court for a final hearing on my divorce and to receive full custody of my daughter. I have gone from owning that sack of possessions to living in a 3 bedroom house with two boats in the boat dock behind the house. Plus a 5th wheel travel trailer parked outside.


This Christmas will be the first in three years that I will spend with my daughter. Though I miss Cookie terribly, we have two dogs, birds, a fish and a ferret who round out our happy home. The odds against my "making it" through what I have gone through were phenomenal but I am living proof that these principles work. I actually wrote down a figure like Sasha suggested and chose $1000.00 as a goal because it was not outrageous but it was still pretty large. Within a week, I received a check for $233.00 from a debt owed me from years ago and another envelope was a bank statement letting me know that there was $733.00 in an account that was just accumulating interest. That day, my fiancé had said, "What, you think one thousand dollars is just gonna come in the mail like that?" After opening what he brought back from the mailbox, I made him eat his words. I am keeping copies of both for those who don't believe this works. The universal law of attraction does work. There is no other explanation than that for what has happened to me. That plus the mercy and grace of my Higher Power.


Women always ask, "Are there still any good men out there?", and I answer, "Absolutely, many of them. I got a great one and you can too." You can have anything you wish if you learn how to use the principles that allow you to tap the boundless source of great things that are just waiting to come your way.


Patricia Hansen

Port Isabel , Texas

United States


P.S. The wonderful guy I am going to marry lost his beloved baby girl to an accident at the age of three, his young handsome son to a botched robbery at the age of 19 and his young wife to an aneurysm and had given up on any chance of happiness. The chances of us meeting were seriously a million to one but I ended up finding a one in a million perfect match for me.





“I Had Such An Intense Experience Of Being Loved That I Could Barely Get The Words Out.”


Today, I got my first taste of the intense power of Sasha Xarrian’s daily Moment of OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®. I used the example that Sasha posted on her Membership site, personalizing it before I began. Having read it on her website, several days ago, I knew she had something special, because just reading it lifted my energy. Even so, I had no idea how deep, powerful, emotional, and healing standing up and saying it out loud would be.

Since I wasn’t using any background music, I started out singing the words. But that soon gave way to a kind of spoken rap that intensified the experience, as I played with various rhythms and repeated key words and phrases to give them more emphasis and energy. This also made it more fun.

I could feel the positive energy building and building, which is why it was such a shock when I suddenly felt overwhelmed with emotion. As I began the section on imagining my Higher Power loving and supporting me, I had such an intense experience of being loved that I could barely get the words out. I have always felt so alone. So when I felt loved and supported by my own Beingness, by Life, Love, and the entire Universe, it was utterly overwhelming—and wonderful.  I AM LOVED.

Then I read Sasha’s words, “the air is alive for me,” and I was taken on another journey. I AM ALIVE.  I’ve spent so many years hiding from life in a dozen different ways, that those words hit my heart like a lightening bolt. I want to live. Really live. Engage. Experience. Express. LIVE. In a month, I’ll turn 50. Over the years (decades, really) my most precious dreams have certainly seen growth and improvement, but I want the full and complete experience of them. I want to stop struggling to get them, and live in the enjoyment of having them.

After having done this today, I am filled with hope. Through this mastery process that Sasha Xarrian has created, I’ve experienced a moment of outrageous power, a moment of outrageous vision, a moment of outrageous healing, a moment of outrageous self-love, and a moment of outrageous connection with my spiritual source. In other words, a Moment of OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®.

I have to say, however, that the name Sasha chose for this energetic practice is quite misleading. For the OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® that has been awakened in me has lasted more than a moment. It has been my constant companion all day, guiding and supporting me. And it’s left me with this question: If I had this deep an experience from using Sasha’s Moment of OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® one day, what will happen if I use it every day? I look forward to the adventure.

ps. Miracles are everywhere! And I’m only on day three. The night of my first M.O.M. my resistance to getting my business started came to an end. It was like someone flipped a switch, and what I’ve been struggling with for months suddenly became easy. Then today, I went out to do some errands and ended up somewhere unplanned. Attracted to an unfamiliar storefront, I went in and met a naturopathic doctor who, after doing some energetic tests, gave me several nutritional supplements that he says will take away a problem I’ve had for years—in the next three days. I believe him, because while I was there so many synchronicities happened that it was obvious meeting him was the result of very loving and specific guidance. This stuff works.

Julie Isaac

Los Angeles , CA





“I Have Just Completed The OM2 And WOW.”

I have just completed the OM2 and WOW.  I had tears in my ears for most of it. I truly believe in all of this and have already begun to tap into it. I definitely know this is something I was meant to know. You truly were meant to come into my life. I am not sure if you are getting this directly or it goes to your team, but I look forward to this journey with you and your team and am excited beyond words!!!!  I just wanted you to know that.


Lynn Tirrell

Smithfield , Rhode Island





“Thank You For The Transformation They Made In My Life.”

Hi Sasha,


I have finished reading your books and will just want to thank you for the transformation they made in my life. I can identify with so many things that you went through and how you overcome your difficulties.   I was just going on with life and would have ended up wherever it was leading me but I now know that I am the captain of my ship in its journey through life.


I have changed.  I have created little miracles for example one day I was in my office, had no food for lunch nor the money to buy food so I asked for someone to be sent to my office and bring me food, 30 minutes later a colleague of my walked into my office with food for us to eat.  I only realized later what had happened.  Another experiment with power was when I was in the director's office using the internet and did not want him to find me there so I said he should stay wherever he is until I was done with the internet and it happened.




Kalinde-Frieda Nambundunga






“I Was Living With Fear And Hatred. I Was Always Lonely And Angry. But Now I Can Tell You That My Life Is Bright.”

Hey Sasha,


This is Sophie.  I am a single mother who is turning 30 years on November 23.  I'm really honored to be one of the people who managed to be in touch with you because your book really helped me to build myself.


Sasha, I was diagnosed with HIV while I was 2 months pregnant and I April 1999.  I started loosing faith and hopeless in my life. I told myself that was the end of my life. I could not even think of looking for a job or having man in my life.  All I was thinking was only death. I was living with fear and hatred.  I was always lonely and angry.  I started living with no dream and thinking anymore about future.


But now I can tell you that my life is bright.  I'm working and finally engaged to be married. Thank God that I managed to get my life back and live positive life.  Not forgetting you Sasha you are the best.


S.D Zondo

Rustenburg , South Africa





“Forgiving Unconditionally Was Something I Could Never Achieve Before Reading This Magnificent Book.”

I have just finished reading OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® 1, and the feeling that has come over me is just short of a miracle. I have been through the most harrowing life. With every form of abuse that I have suffered, I have been on a healing path for the last 4 years, but could not get over the feeling of resentment towards everyone that has hurt me.


After reading this book things started coming to me that I probably would not have thought of in a million years, and the only way I can describe it is in the word peace, I have this all peaceful feeling and when I try and think of the past I can no longer feel it, as if a miracle has happened I am finally for the first time in my life living in the present. It’s an amazing experience, and I have nothing but love towards everyone. I could never truly feel this, as the abuse that was in my life almost destroyed me many times over, and forgiving unconditionally was something I could never achieve before reading this magnificent book. I would like to personally thank Sasha and her wise friends (spirit world) in changing my life so dramatically.


I can't wait to read number 2 and get stuck into the play guide, I have this calmness about me and having never experienced this before, I have to say it feels foreign, but I like it.


All my love to everyone and whoever reads this book, its well worth the experience, and I

only read it two days ago, I highly recommend it to everyone there is in the world.


Lesley Maree Butler

Coffs Harbour , Australia




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“Yes Sasha, I Am Being Rocked Left And Center.”

Yes Sasha l am being rocked left and center. I just love your books and l do not seem to be able to put them down and l am becoming more confident every day.  Xperimenting of course makes me stronger.


Yesterday l went into town with my daughter and normally l always come home with a headache but l decided not to entertain it!! I loved everybody l met and whatever they were doing never rang a bell. I love the power and the control of what l like to happen. Thank you dear and keep on encouraging.


Selina Mugodi

United Kingdom in the city of Birmingham





"This Was Something We Never Even Dreamed Of Occurring"

Hello Sasha, we have been presented with an opportunity to be a part of a venture which is a culmination of my and my husband's ultimate wish-list but there is a deadline in which we have to raise $200,000 to be a part of it.

I am not sure how to go about manifesting with a deadline -- how not to let the pressure get to us. We have only a week to raise this and will do what is required along with the usual steps of applying for loans etc.

Question: Are we to expect that because the offer came to us in the first place that inherent in our request is the means to getting it?"

— Denise


I just wanted to say to you a big thank you for taking the time to reply to my letter. My determination was strengthened and I got a little (dare I say it) demanding and was able to feel a peace about the whole deal.

The next morning our partners to be in this venture called and informed us that the pressure was off -- the sellers have offered to finance us.

"This was something we never even dreamed of occurring because of this person's history.

Also within the week a friend who I was massaging said she had come into a very large amount of money and wanted to invest in a worthwhile project. After initial talks with the partners she is very excited to make a financial investment in this project.

We should never underestimate our God, should we?  So, thank you for your courage and inspiration.

You know your life story is a gentle reminder that we can all expect great things in our lives - just because we exist.  As a loving mother would want the best for her children.  Why we as a whole have chosen to learn our lessons through struggle instead of joy has always intrigued me.


Denise and Grant

Cooper Payson, Utah

Blanca , Colorado





The Miracles Keep Coming. Like You Said, "Bring It On!"




I finished the manuscript Friday, March 24, and I am a new me. I wanted to tell you for the week of the March 20th how fast I am manifesting my desires.


Examples so far:


March 28, - Hour of Power I had written " I HAVE TRADED IN MY CAR FOR ITS ENTIRE BALANCE OWED TO FORD MOTOR CREDIT!!!" I have said it that day and in a

funny I was asking myself why did I write it like that.  I left it alone believing there is a reason.


March 29, - Hour of Power I go through my list. After I finished I decided to go back to " I HAVE TRADED IN MY CAR FOR ITS ENTIRE BALANCE OWED TO FORD MOTOR CREDIT!!!"  the next sentence I wrote, " I LOVE MY NEW TRUCK !"  the exclamation had a heart where the dot would be. After my Hour of Power I decided to write what would occur for the day as far as work was concerned.


Out of 6 desires one manifested for me to pick up a signed contract. All I could say was Thank You. Things happen for a reason.  So there is a store in the same plaza called "Serenity" I love going there the energy is incredible. One of those you can't explain. I know the owner very well. I purchased a book from Ernest Holmes that was an image which popped into my mind. Needless to say the owner found it in 3 seconds. In the store I got a strong feeling to go to the car dealership. I did not question I went.


Usually, it takes 4 hours to get everything and negotiating at the dealership. Please, that has only been my experience. Not this time. I look at a SUV and had them get me some numbers. While I waited at a table, a gentleman was purchasing also. I listened to their conversation. I noted he was getting a vehicle for 0 down $292.00 a month. Well I said I want that.


When the salesman left I asked the gentleman what kind of vehicle he was getting. Mind you the numbers I was getting was for an Escape.  He told me he was getting a F-150 fully loaded. I was so excited I said give me the numbers he quoted you I am going to do what your doing I LOVE TRUCKS!!!!  I had an F-150 3 years ago and loved it.


My salesman came back and I asked him what is the deal with the F-150's. With a surprised look he said, " How did you know about that?" I laughed and said, " I have my ways." I just started laughing and blinked my eye at the gentleman on the next table who gave me the information.


Then I proceeded to say, "I want 0 down, a $292 payment include tax, title, and tags." His reply was that he could not do that. I said, " Can't is not in my vocabulary." He went back to the finance desk. I followed him. I started talking to the finance manager and he said, "we can work something out" I go back and speak to the gentleman and we exchanged names. I started thanking him for the information. He then said he is an ex employee now retired from "FORD MOTOR CREDIT."  Now it didn't click with me yet about what I had said for my desire in my Hour of Power. Then he proceeded to tell me he gets special discounts. I was excited for him. Then he said, "I can get one for you too." My reaction, "HOW." He then proceeded to say, "You’re a friend."


Now the dealership caught wind of what was going on and at the same time the 2 gentleman at the finance desk put their hands on their ears and said," Lalalalalalalla we don't hear anything." At the same time MY FRIEND was getting me the number for the discount.


The guys at the finance desk, believe it or not, LOVED what I had done. They started bragging how smart I was. The GM was at the desk now and was very impressed also.


Long story short this is what happened:


1. On my trade they gave me $12,500.00 I owed about $13,300 my car is really worth $8000.00.


2. Still under by $800.00. The discount I got from "MY FRIEND" covered that cost and a down payment of $1500.00.


3. I got the Truck I Loved, the color and to top it off, a payment $6.00 more than I was paying for my old car.


4. The dealership could not manipulate any numbers because of the plan discount set by "Ford Motor Credit"


5. I got the Truck under invoice by $30.00. I asked for a bed-liner and mats and got that too.


6. The GM and the 2 managers want me to work for them. I Love it.




Wow, I created a former employee from Ford Motor Credit. Funny, I finance all my cars from them. I am just laughing right now.


Now, that is OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       Bring It On!!!!!!!!!!


Your Best Friend Forever,

Lani Jones


P.S. More to come!!!!!!!!!!






March 31




I am writing everything down and even yesterday I manifested what I wrote down

in one day. You have my permission to use it.  It is my pleasure to give you more powerful created desires in the future.  I am just laughing away in amazement how powerful we can be.


You are going to Rock the world. I am going to be right there with you when you do.






April 10




The miracles keep coming. Like you said, "Bring it on!" I have an excerpt from my journal I would like to share with you.


Dated March 28




On April 3,


My friend Heather calls to tell that she wants me to buy her home for what she owes on it.  On top of that she has offered me a job opportunity. The job opportunity: This is in My Hour of Power.  "My Sales Skills Rock the World."  Everywhere I go I am being offered a job....the great thing is I get to pick and choose.  I am so loving this.


I have to tell you that prior to reading the manuscript I wanted to get a home by the end of the year.  Funny, it came quicker after reading this incredible manuscript.


I need to reiterate that this is so far 2 out of the 5 things I want and know I will have. I wrote this during the process which you ask us to write 5 things we want.


My heart and soul is just full of creativity and I know millions will also be able to feel my vibration through my journal.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!


Sisters in Power of Our Destiny,

Lani Jones



Dear Sasha,


I feel the immense power of creativity surrounding myself and it is that feeling we can not describe, but if I can share an ounce of this amazing vibration to help others I am going to create and create and create.


There are words that I cannot describe what you have done for me and others.


Sisters in Power,

Lani Jones






I did it again.


April 11,2006


I had gone to the store needing a skirt and a top to match a pair of slacks at home. While I am in the store I told said to myself, "It would be perfect to find a shirt that would match this skirt I hold and the pair of slacks I have at home." Then I asked, "Would this be okay to purchase?" Money was a concern.  Needless to say I felt an instant relief with the purchase. It was calm and peaceful. Then I am not even sure how I found the shirt but it was like I just walked to a rack and it popped out at me. It matched the skirt perfectly and on top of that it matched my slacks at home. The color was chocolate. Prior to me asking the other chocolate colors did not match. Price came out to be about $40.00


I get home I get a strong feeling to check my mailbox.  In the box is a letter from Ford Motor Credit. Well it was a check for about $35.00. That truck is still blessing me with abundance. I can't beat that.


Feeling Powerful!!!!!! :) :)

Lani Jones




Dear Sasha,


Another confirmation that we all create everything we need when there is absolutely no Fear or Worry.  "I am the Ultimate in Absolute Certainty."  I love that saying and I also use it in my Hour of Power.


April 4 - Journal  at 7:01pm


"You have so much to offer NATIONWIDE not only the insurance company. PUN intended."


During that journal I wanted to get confirmation of going into the insurance business my friend offered me. Like many out there we love confirmation. **I wanted to visit a local office to get information. Knowledge is power. That is the thought I had when this was written.


April 5 -


I have several business meetings an hour away. At 2pm I decide to write in my journal while waiting for a client to confirm their appointment. I start writing, " I want $20.00 for gas money to get back home." Then I proceed to write, "What about $50.00?" I just laughed and said OK.


Several minutes later my boss calls to tell me to make an appointment with a company. I made the appointment when I get there it was an Insurance Company. I started laughing as you know I am looking into going to the Insurance Industry. The appointment went better than expected the guy offered me a job. Off the record I told him my plans and he said, "If you ever come back call me." By the way I am getting his contract  for what I solicited him for in the first place. That was confirmation #1 about going into the insurance business.


Back to the gas money. I just laugh thinking about this. I am on my way home knowing that I do not have enough gas. I get a pop up in my head to use my debit card. I know I have only $5.00 but I use it anyway. I get the message that I will have enough time to get money in the account before I get charged an over the limit fee.  PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS! I had no choice I needed to get home and I still had 15 miles to go. I planned for $20.00 but for some reason I look up and it stopped at $50.00. All I could do was laugh out loud and say "Thank you."


April 7 -


I went to the bank as soon as possible and the over-limit charge did not even go through. All I can say is "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!" I am so happy I did not have to pay an extra $25-30 fee.


April 18 -


I get my second confirmation about going to Nationwide Insurance. A long time friend calls me to see what was going on in my life. I told him about my new truck. When I asked him about his work he said, "I work for Nationwide Insurance." I was so excited we met for lunch and he confirmed everything I wanted to know which confirms I am still on track.


"I have Absolutely no Fear or Worry."  PUN intended I know there will be more to elaborate on this.


Sisters in Power of Their Destiny,

Lani Jones






WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My continuation of creations coming full circle.


From my journal on 3/28 and now. It is truly Outrageous!!!!!!!!


Recap: The exercise in your workbook in putting your wants into I have.... is really amazing and powerful.


1.I have my Truck

2.I have my home to purchase.




This is another trip an hour away for my current work.  I start to journal before an appointment around 10:25am 4/20. "There is so much you have to offer, keep going today collect a contract......Have a great day...You will be surprised today when you least expect it."


I go to the appointment, which was set just to pick up a contract. Well, it was a surprise he backed out. I did not push but thanked him for some odd reason. This is not like me but my spirits were high. Now at first I was confused and my mind went wild to go back to Tampa and call the day off. Quickly, I turned it around and said "there is something better," and I felt at peace. So I decide to go visit a client I previously collected a contract for. He was walking out the door as I was coming in. I was really friendly and asked him about his other business I remembered he had.  It is call I.R.S. Assistance. How funny. Long story short I got a contract from him for that business.


We start talking and he tells me he can help me with no charge with the small debt I have with the IRS and that they are overcharging me. He offered also to clear up the negative judgments I have on my credit report. Now I am ecstatic. Like yourself, Sasha, I wanted to educate myself on this but I also asked of MY WISE ONES to find me experts in the area.


Sisters fully in charge of their destiny,

Lani Jones




Dear Sasha,


Revisions helped me create my desire quicker. My situation at this time is to break my lease for job relocation. The apartment manager has set fees of  $5,300.00 to pay for the lease break.


April 7 -


"Managers name from Apartment complex X has dropped off 3 monthly payments of the lease break!"


Well it was not working the way I anticipated. Even the owner of the Insurance company I am transferring to was having difficulties with the manager also.


I revised what I wrote on April 22.


"Managers name from complex X has dropped off July and August payments for the lease break!"


Then I remembered how you took on the IRS and did your homework on the laws. That super powerful Xperiment enlightened me.


On April 23rd I decided to look up Florida Statues on Leases. I prepared myself well. I knew in my gut the manager would not be prepared. I was a little nervous and really out of my comfort zone. But I went with faith on the laws I read. I presented my argument in front of her because in my gut she was trying to take advantage of the Insurance Company to pay for my lease break. She told me to call her back after 1pm the next day.


April 24 -

I receive a phone call from the manager. She has agreed to my desires plus more. Long story short I only have to pay $1,400.00 for my lease break.


Now for the clincher... I spoke to a lawyer that morning about my situation and he told me "good luck your stuck." I did not get angry but said out loud when I hung up...."I have my Wise Ones and they have master knowledge and God knows my intentions are good." I laughed it off knowing I have the power.


WOW!!!!!!!!! created in 2 days after my revision. I am on top of the world.


Getting Powerful Everyday,

Lani Jones




With the journal I am also keeping all check stubs I have been receiving in the mail...it's amazing!!!!!!!



Two  years later - - - --




It has been about 2 yrs. since I have contacted you after I completed OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®. When we were conversing I would send you detailed information on the manifestations and a picture of my New  F-150 truck at the time. Well since then I have manifested so many things eg. My Job, Co-workers, BMW, 429k in sales, Top Sales Rep awards, Relationships (that needs its own book) Funny, I manifested my dream guy but I should have been specific. I laugh as I write this. All the manifestations have great stories.


One of these days I need to be like you and write an e-book on my experiences. I Thank you with all my heart and soul!!! I am so grateful..I get so excited.


By the way I am still manifesting money in huge amounts and one of my desires is to meet the woman who helped me with her guidance/stories. I owe it to you and your OM e-book. WOW!!! I am so excited I am going to get a picture of my BMW, my pay stubs, gosh everything.


I truly hope you get this e-mail and receive my gratitude and love for your work.  By the way I WOULD LOVE TO BECOME A OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® COACH!!!!!



Lani Jones




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"It's Working! It's Working! I Was Jumping Around And Laughing."

Hi Sasha,

(I bought OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®) on Monday 5th March.  

I read it throughout the day when I had a quiet time for a couple of minutes in my room. I probably was just reading for 2-3 hrs and shared a few tears, laughing at the same time.

Anyway, it was time to pick up my children that afternoon.  As we were driving back from school, I had some washing on the line and I saw black clouds around our area.  I knew that it was going to rain. I thought, “I'm going to try to speak to the clouds.”  

Out from my mouth I said, "Black Clouds go to the sea and to the mountains, Sun! shine over my clothes." My children were listening and looking at me while I was saying that.

We were just about to go to the exit road and rain drops started.  From nowhere the sun split the clouds in the middle just near my home.  We rushed home and I told the children that as we all jumped out, we would all go out and collect the clothes. 

I ran quickly out first to the back and my younger son followed me. (After we gathered the clothes), we walked into the house and at that moment the rain started pouring heavily.  I THOUGHT IT'S WORKING! IT'S WORKING!  I was jumping around and laughing.  

The same afternoon in the kitchen a second incident happened. My other son had some pains on the side of his right eye.  It was like someone pinched him and the sharp pain he felt I could not describe it.  He was feeling dizzy right there so I told him to come over.  

I put my hand on his right eye and I told the pain to get out of his eye. THE PAIN STOPPED.

Then it came back and I placed my hand on it again - this time for a couple minutes.  It (went away and) never came back again.  

While my son was still standing, he remembered a dream he had 2 nights before. He saw a man preaching.  A young boy was there who had a headache with sharp pains. My son saw the young boy speaking to his own pains and then laid himself on his bed.  Sasha, I know it's working.           

You know what I remembered a couple of days before I purchased your book?  I was saying "I THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU".  I said this over and over and over.  When I I started reading your book it just made sense. I just want to say again! "I THANK YOU".

Darusila Henshaw





"I Absolutely Love It!!!"



What I have never thought to do as you recommend (in the OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® trilogy) is the Hour of Power. I do it now . . . and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

You're a genius!

With powerful best wishes,

Miranda Rota

Birmingham , United Kingdom






"Your Story Has Helped Me To See The Gift Of Who I Am Now"


Dear Sasha,

I have not yet finished reading OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® II.

What I have now received from your story:

Starting with where I was - I am an MK (missionary kid). I was born in Korhogo , Ivory Coast six weeks after mom and dad arrived in Africa .  My twin and I were born in an African hut with an African midwife.

Imagine mom’s challenges with two small girls and a set of newborn twins in Africa .

When five years of age, we were trucked off to a boarding school - 3,000 miles away from where our parents lived. We were five years of age!

Mom and Dad had a "calling" to "save the lost at any cost” including the cost of their children’s lives.

We were told we would have many friends, lots of adventures, and Aunties and Uncles who would take care of us. We could not stay home because mom and dad had to do their translation work of the Bible and they could not work with us at home or give us schooling - so off we went.

(During the) early days, no one ever spoke about the physical abuse, the atmosphere of terror that we lived in. Sexual abuse for many, physical abuse, emotional, psychological, and mental abuse were part of our lives.

I learned to really FEAR God - in a bad way.

I have recently journeyed through the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms.

You story has helped me to see the Gift of who I am now.

I am not a missionary.  (I could have been if I was still stuck.)

I am able to discern and think clearly about spiritual, emotional and psychological abuse done in the religious world, and to face it down and call it for what it is.

I have been able to confront my parents who have passed over. I have spoken to them, and wept over what they allowed to happen to me and my siblings.

I have forgiven and released them.

I have forgiven myself for my rage and dysfunctional behavior.

I still need to forgive and release each of the authority figures involved at Mamou Academy , who beat us, fondled and abused, scared us - me and my peers.

Many of us while awaiting daily "spankings" pooped in our pants with terror.

Many children were beaten to the point they could scarcely hobble to their rooms.

Many were made to sit in their own feces in classrooms, to eat their own vomit at the dinner table, and with the terror of daily life, we all became different people.

They told us we should not tell our parents how unhappy we were, because our parents had to "save the Africans from Hell.”

Hell is what people do to each other on earth.

The ugliness came out in the 70's when MK’s everywhere told the true story. There is a report on the Mamou Academy experiences, over seventy pages long.

I know that GOD never gave his approval to what has happened to me, to my peers, to all the abuse victims of the organized church - whichever denomination. (We were also told we were the "RIGHT" Christians. Everyone else was going to hell.)

Sasha, I have gained closure with my parents, and clearance in seeing and knowing who I am now.  YOUR story gave me the ability to gain healing.

I have you to thank for that blessing.  And I do.

I am not finished with OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® II yet.  I have seen some prayers answered.  I am expecting and excitedly awaiting more answers.

I do love you from my deepest heart, and thank you for giving your story as your gift to help me.

Better and Bigger things are coming. When we get our dream house, the place, the whole deal, I will let you know!

Again, Thanks,

Vivian Harvey

Phoenix , Oregon


"I Have ‘Fire’ Back In My Spirit. "

I have "fire" back in my spirit. It has been several years since I had that fire.

I am rereading your story and absorbing the nuggets of truth... of prayer, of confidence and overcoming and knowing that I am loved...deeply loved.

I have freedom from anguish over the past. I have taken hold of the Gifts that I see were given to me.

I am not angry at anyone in my past. I spoke to one of my teachers who was on Mamou Staff. She was not the abuser...but she had to know, and to my knowledge, did nothing. But that is ok. She is free, and so am I.

I continue to absorb, so I read and reread.

I praise God for you dear Sasha... You are a Saint.   Truly...No kidding.

Last year, a dear friend died a horrible long ...drawn out death. His heart literally broke. The aorta separated from the heart. He was in the hospital for four long months...Previous to last December. At that time, I lost hope in answers to prayer...I saw his wife go through untold agonies as we hoped and prayed....

Since then, a year last December, I have seen Arlene find the gifts that God gave her, even through and in this struggle for life.

Dan and I went with her to the hospital several times a week. She was there every day!!!

We were so worn out after each visit, with "sickness of heart, " crying out and wondering where God was...praying and weeping each time we went...we could hardly do anything but sleep for a whole day after.

We were immersed in such grief that it was almost impossible to eat ... so hard. That got tricky during the week for Dan who is a CS professor.

I DO see the gifts!

I can release that too.  I praise God for you....May you be blessed even more than you could ever ask or think!  Peace to you..  Complete and Total Peace,

Vivian Harvey

Phoenix , Oregon




"Once I Started This Book I Could Not Put It Down Till I Finished It."

Once I started this book I could not put it down till I finished it.

The story of a courageous single mom who fought for her self and her children is not merely inspiring it is a how-to book that teaches the reader some of the secrets to dealing with our own problems.

Sasha's story teaches us the secrets of overcoming a lot in our own lives.

I appreciate your wonderful book.

Matt Hirschhorn

Hollywood , Florida





“I Learned How To Create!!!”


I came in contact with OM last year during spring when I was in a very bad condition both in my private and professional life.

Reading Sasha Xarrian’s story was almost like I had written it myself.  The book took me back to the times in my life where I had been very determined to create something and I had always succeeded, but the problem was recognising the process and the methods I had used.

I learned how to create!!!

I started to create money especially since I had lost 150,000 Euros because of my fears that I got understand later.  I prayed for God to show me my life’s purpose and I received the answer.  I was to use my talent and gift in guiding people to happiness.

Believe me the universe has been opening to give me all that opportunities in the world to fulfil my desires.

In a few weeks I became famous in Sweden because of my old business and since then the public became aware of Victoria ’s Existence and a TV show that I really so much desire in order to help even more people in a wider perspective is in the process of being created as we speak.

I learned to master my thoughts and to be one with the universe.  I live in the present and I have gotten rid of my ego.  I see myself as a tool to be used by the Universe or God to serve.  I see things before they appear and I am not a medium or anything like that.  I see what each and every individual needs the minute I start working with them, because I have asked for more wisdom and foresight and even ability to create solutions for different issues regarding my clients or different individuals.

I help people to heal themselves physically, mentally and emotionally and most of my work is telepathical, but I have been given the gift to be able to describe the methods to be followed for maximum result.  In my work I teach them how discover their own strength and purpose and then I let them go in order for them to be masters themselves and to pass the knowledge on.

In my client list I have people from all walks of life, business men and women, home parents, children, celebrities and so on. 

I know for sure today that God or the universe commands his blessings where there is harmony and in this I mean one has to be at peace with their requests or desires for miracles to happen.

Victoria Frankenius





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"I Can Feel The Power Thru The Pages."


I have been reading OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®, love the story! I have the faith that you will teach us to attain this level of faith, even thou I have only read just under 50 pages, I can feel the power thru the pages...

I 'feel' something coming.

Thank you for this opportunity. I am done with book one... little miracles of money are showing up... I feel so connected to Sasha, I am sure you hear this a lot, but it was as if she was telling my story.

I do not have the Mormon background, but I do feel the 'committee' of angels. I have been blocking them. I feel them again since reading your book... many other nuances in the book I connected with.

I am broker than I have been in my entire life, really humiliating in my late 40s, as I said money is showing up, now I expect it, it much bigger ways. I am changing... AGAIN, thank you!! I will pay it forward as the money/miracles are created..."


Las Vegas , Nevada





“I Feel Different, Confident, Happy And Not Shy Like I Used To Be.”


Good day Sasha,

Thank you for your email, I want to share this with you and thank you for changing my life. After reading your emails and your book I feel different, confident, happy and not shy like I used to be.  Now I see life differently. I'm always positive with everything I do. During Christmas week I was very stressed because I didn't have money to buy clothes for my children and I had to move in to my new house. I told myself God is going to help me and he did. On 10th Jan 2008 I received a call from the company I used to work for offering me a position to be Supervisor. I couldn't believe it. I want to thank you, Sasha, for changing my life.

God Bless you,

Zingisa Sigcau 

Durban South Africa





“Just By Going Through Your Book I Felt So Powerful.”

Sasha, your book is so inspiring. Although I am a strong believer, your book made me realize a mistake I was doing which is asking for what I need rather than want I really want. You are so right, why God would give you what you do not ask for I never thought about it that way.



For the past five years I have been asking myself questions and looking for answers. Your book answered lot of my questions. Just by going through your book I felt so powerful. I am recommending your book to all my friends.


Rana Bassil





“Thank You For This Extreme Miracle. Dreams do truly come true.” 

I read your manuscript and started filling out in detail the playbook and declaring in my Hour of Power what would happen for the day: I had been separated from a boyfriend for many months and because of a personal breach of trust, he just wanted to be my friend and not romantic. I'd been praying to God for months for a reunion and for complete forgiveness and all walls to drop between us.


Well, last week I declared: no matter what, I will see this man and he will come to me in total romance and lust and spend the night with me. I even declared the exact night. I went about my business....and made one late call to him.


He didn't answer the phone and I hung up without leaving a message. I went to sleep and thought" oh well, it isn't happening".


Exactly 1/2 hour later, he called me, asked how my night was and ended up racing over to my home, reuniting with me in the most passionate, romantic, fun evening of our lives. He declared his love again for me and we're beginning anew!! Thank you for this extreme miracle.....as I got to see God and my "miracle team" of universal support and angels direct his path and make my vision absolutely come true.


I will continue to use your power techniques and keep thoughts of ultimate marriage with him. Dreams do truly come true. This is a major miracle as his defenses were very high and the walls were thick. There are no Walls, there is no loss or separation. Love and divine intervention and power do exist!!


Thanks again,


Wow! that is powerful! I'm still manifesting and of course, some "fears" pop up that I conquer as part of my hour of power. I start to realize that the "fears" of the love relationship I’m creating...are actually in me ...maybe even more than in him. He is still coming towards me 'slowly but surely"....and it's building.


But, everything is coming: 1. asked to completely heal between my sister Deborah and I ...her last words a month ago were "F-off".....


So, miraculously on Thanksgiving I put out those prayers in a.m.....and the minute I saw her.....she was friendly, totally complimentary and all walls disappeared!! This is from "don't ever talk to me again...ever!!

...What a miracle.


Another girlfriend that hadn't spoken to me in 6 months...is now totally in my life and again...very close,


This and renting or selling my investment home still are in the "process"....all else God has given me with my God team.;..and believe me, I have one!


Woman in California





“I Am Amazed At This Power. Thank You, Sasha!”

Good Morning, Sasha:


I am learning!  This worked.  I do on line data entry for a gentleman in North Carolina . I usually email him and see if he has any additional projects for me to do, and usually his answer is "Not yet," or something similar.


I was finishing up an assignment for another client, and just took a minute to decree: OK, Mr. ______, I'll be ready for yours in a half hour."  In exactly a half hour, I checked my email, and there was a message from him. It contained the URL to the employers site from which he wanted me to load 300 email addresses so that I could send them out for him. 


Thank you!


As I told you before, we were "fed up" with Top Ramen, and I was "creating food."  The person I do data entry for all the time emailed me with the message he could not pay me for work I had done until next week, because he has a golf conference this weekend.  He also has his golf group to whom I send his messages for him.  So....there is no time to write out anything in these manifestations.  When he said he could not pay me until next week, I said I understood, and that would be fine.  Ordinarily, I would have panicked.  The hypnotic effect of your writing style, as well as your spirit, has invaded my consciousness, with an intensely positive effect.  I find myself unable to panic.


So, as I hung up the phone, and made note of what else I had to do for him, my angels told me that another client, Mr.  ­­­______, was ready for me to do more work.  So, I decreed to Mr. ______, "I will call you momentarily to get your assignment."


I checked my email, only to find a message from Mr. _____: "I have some work for you to do, but I need your fax number."  I sent it. He will send the work next Tuesday.


I checked my paypal balance: $1.29 for groceries for the week.  My angels said, "Ask Mr. ____ for an advance."  IMPORTANT NOTE.  Without hesitation, I said, "Yes." And I called Mr. ____, apologized for bothering him, told him I needed to buy groceries, and asked for an advance on the job of $50.  His response was: "I have no problem with that. How about $100 to take you through the weekend?" I gratefully agreed. But nothing had been written down anywhere.  I am amazed at this power.  I cannot feel panicky. Power invades with such positive energy.  Thank you, Sasha!


 And, here's something else that I want you to know.


During this emotional time my son has been enduring, he has been horrible to me. Why? I am the only one in close proximity, and have had to endure a ton of insults, and rage and anger and even physical abuse. But through it all, I kept remembering the feeling I have whenever I read any of your pages, and I kept repeating an affirmation we learn in

Unity: Divine Order, Divine Order.


Well, the other night I couldn't sleep and I kept thinking of Dustin's pain, and anger and rage, and everything, and I just said a very simple thought in my mind, talking really to my angels.  (I do this all the time, gazillions of angels).


And my thought was "What should I do? I can't SAY anything without starting up more rage." And the thought came as CLEAR as a diamond rainbow: Every time you think of him, visualize a gold ray going to the center of his forehead from the center of yours, and say to him, "I love you, son."  I even responded with, "That's all?"  And I clearly again, got the answer, "Yes."


I fell asleep doing this. That was three days ago, and I can see a change.  He is calmer, he is respectful, and I can see he regrets many things.  More importantly it is something I can feel between us.


I wanted to tell you I have set up My Own Hour of Power, and not a bit too soon, I might add.  Last week, two of my clients have finished their projects, which means I have no more work from them.  After a moment of sheer panic, as I was sitting outside on a favorite tree, I cried my heart out, and then said, "Hell, NO!" This is NOT the end of everything! Monday Morning I will be reporting to _______ Systems for a job." (A friend had told me they were hiring.  I had no clue what kind of business they were.)

Monday a.m. I walked in to their office and said, "I am here to register for the appointment setting job."  "Have you filled out an application?" "No, I was told I could just come in."  "Oh, OK. Please fill this out, and I will tell Dean you are here."  (I smile.) "Great, thank you." Application completed and turned in, Dean appears. "Mary! We've heard so much about you.  When can you start?" To which I reply, "NOW." I am in my second week, and have set 25 appointments, and my sales reps have amassed 5 sales, and I have no clue, and yet I have all clues, how it all happened.   

Love you all,

Mary Christiansen





“It Worked. It's Miraculous To Me.”




This is extraordinary. I tried the same thing the other day. I had to go to a mortgage brokers office and it was cloudy and overcast, had been for about 2 weeks. I wanted it to be sunshiny out when I went into the office so it would help with my negotiations. I got out of my car, walked into the office and sat down, and immediately, the sun came out, where all around there were clouds. I left the office, and it became cloudy again. I had to return about 45 minutes later, and when I walked into the office, the sun came out again. Even the receptionist commented to me, by saying, "Geeze, you must be good luck, because every time you come into our office, the suns come out."


I had read where you had manifested the sun to be out when you were on the beach for 2 hrs, so I thought I'd try it, and wouldn't you know, it worked. I don't know how it worked, but it did. I just said prior to going into the office that I wanted it to be sunny out and told this to God. It's miraculous to me.


Thank you again for the insightful information in the manuscripts.



Antigo, Wisconsin





"When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Appear."

Hi Sasha,


I just finished the first book, part 1 and couldn't stop reading it.  I started yesterday and finished it this morning.  What an amazing story.


I love your book.


I’ve been looking at these principles for a while but yours is the first book that actually makes any real sense to me.


As the saying goes "when the student is ready the teacher will appear."


All the best,


Shaun Trask

Tasmania , Australia





“This Reviewer Strongly Recommends This True And Epic Story Of Pain, Love, Conflict, Facing The Unknown And Searching For Power.”


Richard Fuller has enjoyed a career as a writer, magazine editor and advertising executive. ---

There are probably more books written about success and how to achieve it than any other subject. Most of them leave this reviewer cold. They don't seem to be written for me, but instead, seem to be talking to someone else or offering impossible-to-follow advice.

Until now, because author, heroine, seer, and believer Sasha Xarrian offers us OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® , a three book set that illuminates the path to real success. She writes, “Testing, Xperimenting, learning to hear and feel inspiration and guidance is powerful. It develops your faith and teaches you lessons along the way.”

OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® is the real life story of a woman of courage, a gutsy lady who raised six kids as a single mom, and yet discovered how to create reality. In the beginning, her life (like so many of us) was a confusing and conflicting time. But Ms. Xarrian searched and found a different path to walk. “I have learned that fear and doubt will stop you from creating your dreams faster than anything else.”

While living her “seven years of hell” after her divorce and after leaving her church, met a Harvard graduate African-American woman who shared a magic secret that would change Sasha's life. “In everything that occurs in our life that seems unfavorable---look for the gift and realize that the gift is the reason. When you see the gift, the pain disappears---like magic.”

The second and third books of OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® can teach you how to tap into that gift; books that will show you how to be free of fear, and powerful.  Sasha Xarrian has given us insight into a better way and has written it so well, I couldn't put it down until it was done. This reviewer strongly recommends this true and epic story of pain, love, conflict, facing the unknown and searching for power.

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

Cedar Springs , Michigan





“Sasha, You Already Have Won The Greatest Gift, My Heart.”

Hi Sasha,


I am floored by your faith and love.


I pray and have faith, that you all will be bountifully rewarded with prosperity, peace, and happiness.


Sasha, you already have won the greatest gift, my heart.


Always with you in love,


Arvind Rai





“Don’t Stop Your Good Work It Is God Given.”


Don’t stop your good work it is God given.

Please keep up with the good work you are doing in helping the lost like me to have encouragement.


God Bless you.  Love always


Mrs. Chipo Kaluba

Lusaka , Zambia





I Did It! I Did It! Did It! Did It!!!"


Hello my dear Sasha...


Well, something, somehow worked!!!  I have just heard that my house finance has been approved by the bank, including the registration and transfer costs!!

A couple of months back I was not even contemplating to buy my own property, and WHAMMA!!   I AM A PROUD HOME OWNER!!  ;>)   Stunning little townhouse with a GARDEN!!! in a place called "LOVE AND PEACE!!!!!!!" Can you ever???? Just exactly what I need and want in my life!!!! What a name for a neighborhood??? It is a fairly new neighborhood with stunning developments going up there - huge big millionaire's homes etc...

Attached are some pics of MY HOME...


Thank you so much for your lessons - they have worked for me so far!!!!

God bless your sox off!! Lots and lots of love and warm huggles.

Marti Pieterse

South Africa





“I Achieved It In One Week.”

Hi Sasha!!


I have some good news.  I have achieved 500 RS at least in one week.  I needed this because I want to give gift to my friends and I achieved it in one week.  Thank u Sasha.

I love u.


Nazia Mansoor






“$30,000! OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® At Work”





I wanted to sign up for a year-long and very expensive seminar that I knew would help me launch and be successful in my new business.  However, I'd just separated from my husband and funds were tight ... I needed to move into my own place, buy new furniture, pay first/last months' rent, etc etc.  I had no business signing up for an expensive seminar ... but I knew I needed it.


I took a leap of faith, swallowed hard, and put the ten grand for the seminar on my credit card, which already had 6 grand on it.  So now I was starting a new business and a new life already $16,000 in the hole. I had no idea how I would pay even the minimum on that credit card debt.


I went to Philadelphia in late November, where the seminar kicked off. I packed for cold weather, of course, even snow boots, anticipating the worst.  To everyone's surprise, the weather in Philly was spring-like!  The entire time I was there I never needed my warm winter coat, which was a cast-off from a rich relative.


The day after the completion of the seminar, I left Philly.  It was still spring-like, even at 7 am when I left my hotel.  And so I left my coat in my bag.  I checked my bag in Philadelphia , preparing to fly through Chicago back to my home in California .  However, in those few hours, the weather had changed and due to bad weather in Chicago , my flight was delayed and the connecting flight in Chicago was cancelled altogether. I waited several hours and flew stand-by to get home.


I arrived in California later that day, but my bag did not.  The airline promised they'd locate the bag and deliver it to my home late that night. But it never came. When I awoke that next morning, I called the airline in a panic. They said the bag had finally shown up. So I drove to the airport to retrieve it.


When I wheeled my bag to my car, I noticed the zippers weren't as I had left them ... and so, right there in the parking lot, I unzipped my bag.  Yep, my coat was gone.


Just what I needed ... December's rent due, big credit card debt, and now my coat was gone. I reported its disappearance to the airline, but they take no responsibility for expensive items disappearing from passengers' bags.


I contacted my homeowners insurance, thinking it might be covered.  Fortunately, it had been scheduled with our policy as a separate item.  And it was insured for $30,000!  My despondency turned to absolute joy ... I not only paid off my credit card debt but I have a little nest egg left over!  And plenty, of course, to buy a practical, reasonably priced winter coat.


I asked Sasha whether this occurrence was "OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®" at work and, if it was, whether I could share my story with her online members. She thought it was, and so here is my story.


Jane Shattuck

San Francisco , California


P.S.  You might be interested to know that my trip to Philadelphia resulted not only in this sweet windfall that gives me a leg up on starting my new life .. but another gift as well, for it was at the Philly seminar that I met Sasha for the first time and learned of her

very powerful OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®.





“Your Knowledge Is Overwhelming.”

Hi, Sasha

I agree you definitely have a wonderful gift; I'm just fascinated by it.  I'm on page 110 and your description of a ride is perfect. Even though being on the outside (non-Mormon) living in Utah , parts of it really hits home with me. The history you have included about the church helps with puzzling questions non-Mormons have. Your knowledge is overwhelming.  I still had no idea of the intent fears you were living under Mormonism and this has been a real eye opener.

Can you imagine being isolated in those towns Warren Jeff rules?  I don't have much hope the people there will ever be able to filter through the truth. The leaders have ingrained the fear and isolation to those children at such young age they cannot escape it. My mom and I refer to polygamy as dirty old men. I feel it will take someone like you, with the knowledge and closeness you shared with the internal hierarchy to educate others of the fears being taught.  People are more willing to believe a story when it comes from someone inside who has lived and breathed it for so long. 

This is where I disagree with you that those 37 years were a waste of time.  I can see much positive from your experience. It takes an insider to find the flaws and to find the truth where it may exist.  I agree your talent is speaking and to spread the word that fear can destroy many things. Especially, the way it is being used in this religion. During those 37 years you were able to gather more skills than you recognized.  Reading , studying, teaching, counseling, advising, speaking, etc and these qualities must have helped you in the job market. Which by the way, you have performed like a champ.  I expect you to become the next apprentice and working for Donald.

I was so mad when you were advised to resolve your feelings with your EX as a gift.  I just couldn't imagine how you could forgive him. The way you presented your gifts was brilliant.  I felt you were able to get your dig in and still provide the powerful gifts.  It made total sense for healing a soul so damaged. I feel I'm a strong person and I too have faced 10 years of a roller coaster time. I don't think I could have bounced back like you did.  I have had that ache in my heart as you described ripping it out over my children and that alone is the maximum pain. I probably would be in committed to Provo

I hope to see you on all the talk shows sharing your knowledge and power, eliminating the fears and healing our damaged souls.

Thanks for the ride so far.

Pam Wixom



By the way, my great, great grandfather was the first US Marshal elected to enforce the law against polygamy. He was Mormon and was excommunicated.





“I Am Finally Living And I Can't Thank You Enough For That.”

Dear Sasha,


They say things happen for a reason and I am now convinced of this and am a firm believer.  For about 5 years now I have felt like I have simply existed- just going through the motions.  I have been more depressed with myself than ever and have spent too many nights crying myself to sleep wondering why things are not happening for me and taking the pity route- sort of like a self fulfilling prophecy.  I have had all the good intentions of the world but never acted upon them until now. 


I was on the web and stumbled across your website.  I was instantly grabbed and ordered the products immediately.  I look forward to going home at the end of the day to read a chapter and complete the work.  This is the first time I have put myself to task as I have always been reluctant to put pen to paper and am completing the work.  


My frame of thought has changed.  I have hope and am excited.  I am finally living and I can't thank you enough for that.  I have found my spirituality which is something I have always longed for."


Christina Kavanagh

Vaughan , Ontario





"I Tried It And Had $10,000.00 In Under 2 Weeks!"


Dear Sasha,

I discovered your book at a pivotal time in my life . . .

. . . I had created many things in my life but abundance of money was not one of them. I always seemed stuck in that area. Your work inspired in me this kind of odd perspective that hadn't occurred to me before. You caught my curiosity. I still remember the echoes in my mind, I was thinking, “she did it, SHE did it.” No circumstance. Just that you knew something that obviously hadn't occurred to most of the rest of us. Your story lead me to a new level of faith in myself I hadn't known.

I decided to use the principles exactly as you had. I decided I wanted $10,000 and I wanted it within a week. I was shocked and amazed when in ten days I received a call that led to my having $10,000 within a few weeks. My entire financial life has dramatically improved since that time.

Your inspiration contributed to my life in monumental ways. The knowing how to create spawns more and more creation leading to the life one prefers, one chooses. The value of your gift will enrich individual lives and enhance humanity. Thank you for sharing this gift.

Tami Blumenthal

Reno , Nevada





“I Purchased Your E-Books . . . And Have Loved Them.”

Hi Sasha,


I purchased your e-books and Playguide about 2 months ago and have loved them.  You are an amazing woman!


Thanks so much!


Debbie Shelton

Newark , Delaware






Dear Sasha,


I finally printed out the last of the pages of your books.  Fantastic.  Along with the Hour of Power I have started to manifest this:


Yesterday afternoon I called a girlfriend and announced "I will have a job by tomorrow!"


Now the rent is due on the 1st and there is nothing in the bank.


I turned my cell phone on and there was a message from my lovely ex-husband to say that he would pay my rent and to let him know how much I needed!


Today I took the Sunday paper where I'd marked every job of interest and I went to all the jobs that said "apply in person."At the very last place I was greeted with a big friendly "HELLO!"  I filled out the usual form. I liked the atmosphere in the place. Then the man started to share all his company info and I was blown away. THIS IS FOR ME!  I liked him very much as he was very outgoing from the minute I walked in.  


At the end of the interview, he said "Okay then start tomorrow, I think you are awesome.


Very warmly yours,


Kay Vangelou

Ocala , Florida





“I Have Never Had This Much Faith - EVER.”

Hi Sasha,


You wanted to hear our experiences...so here are some of mine (already!).


I read the first one in one sitting! I have now worked through the second one and the playguide.  Last night I finished the books and I was feeling so good - I met my "team" (I call them my God Squad), I had a great long talk with my inner child today and - much to my surprise - found out from her why I have such negative beliefs about money and such a hard time getting money under control! Then I sat with her and we wrote a letter (today) to my mom and dad letting them know how we - I - felt, getting a bit too colorful to repeat...LOL... and then wrote the "thank you" letter and realized what blessings had come from all the tragedy I dealt with growing up. I was feeling so good, like I had really made some headway and had a breakthrough.


Also, two days ago I asked my God Squad to give me three signs that they were really there, that I really have control over my own little universe, and that everything I was reading is going to work for me. The next day I had two child support checks mailed to me totaling almost $500.00, My cat that had just died "switched souls" with my new little kitten for about a half an hour and I got to talk to her and pet her and tell her how much I missed and loved her (I know, it sounds crazy, but i KNOW it was her!) and then I said "I want to find a house, with utilities included, that allows pets." I am not planning on moving for a few months, but I was just throwing it out there to see what would happen. Sure enough, the very next day, I was driving down the street and saw a "for rent" sign in front of a house I have driven by every day for a year. I called the number and talked to the landlord -- it includes all utilities, allows small pets, and is a house in my price range!! I didn't pursue it because it's only a two bedroom and I have four kids...I got the feeling it was just a little message...a little "miracle" from the universe letting me know how powerful I really am. So, I got my three miracles. I have no doubt.


Then... today, after I got done writing the letters with my inner child, there was a knock at the door. It was the Questar Gas guy, telling me that I owed $631.00 and if I couldn't pay at least $450, they would shut me off in 48 hours. I was like, okay...we can boil water for baths and cleaning, and it's too hot to need the heat anyway, so that's not too bad. we'll survive. Then the landlord called wondering when I would be able to pay rent for June. Then just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...some guy came to my door wanting back the Kirby vacuum I bought on credit two years ago (It got seized with the rest of my stuff in the house that was foreclosed on), and he first didn't believe me that I didn't sell it, then pulled out my credit and said I was being fraudulent and on and on, and that he was going to take me to court if I couldn;t pay him at least $2,000. I literally laughed...I said "look around. Look at my van with the door missing. Look at this dumpy duplex I am renting in -which, by the way, I haven't paid rent for yet this month. I told him that if he would accept small payments each month, I would do my best, but that it's all I could do. He said he would sue me. I said fine...but I don't think child support and food stamps are garnishable income!! HE finally left, and I thought, okay, that's it. It REALLY has to stop now. But, alas, the mail came and there was a letter from Utah Title Loans saying this was my last notice - either I pay $381.00 or I lose my van. woohoo! I exceeded even my own level of "as bad as it can get"!!


The great part of all of this is that I am not stressed.  Even two weeks ago, I would have been crying, desperate, worried to death - but I am not. I am absolutely and totally confident that something will work out for me, and I will come out ahead. Honestly, had I not had my three little "miracles", I wouldn't have been this calm.


Thank you so much!! Reading your book gave me the ideas and confidence I needed to build my trust and abolish doubt. I have never had this much faith - EVER. But something about your book helped me realize that the problem I had all along wasn't that I couldn't manifest things, it was that I couldn't trust. I had no faith. I really didn't believe in myself or anything else, and so that became my focus. I decided a few nights ago that instead of wanting money or peace or anything like that, I wanted to trust and believe. I wanted to have the faith of ... well...whatever has a lot of faith. I wanted to be as certain that the universe would provide for me as I was that the sun would rise the next day.


Thanks again for being so wonderful, and for bearing your soul to us in your manuscripts.  You truly are an amazing woman, and an absolute role model.


Dani Rossean

Mapleton , Utah





“I Now Feel I Have Not Only The Determination But Also The Courage To Move Forward With My Ultimate Dream.”




I have just finished the OM PlayGuide and wanted to write and tell you what a powerful and wonderful influence you are for people.  I was very moved by your story.  


The gift you have given me is to feel my power to manifest my dream. I now feel I have not only the determination but also the courage to move forward with my ultimate dream.  


You are a catalyst to empower people, what a great gift you offer the world.  I am honored and in awe of finding another soul who brings divinity to light. You are a gem, meant to shine in all areas. 


Love to you,


Jean Henderson

Minneapolis , Minnesota





“I Feel So Powerful These Days. . . . I Tried Your Technique And Within 3 Days I Had More Than Enough Money.”

Dear Sasha


I have read your first and second book. I thought that although I feel that I can do anything to convince other people to do what I want but every time the opportunity comes I have this fear that I will be told off. After reading your two books and the experiences by readers I feel so powerful these days. Whatever I think of doing in the office I do them without hesitating anymore. I can talk to my boss without fear and I see positive responses.... And I thank you very much for what you are sharing with the world.


I want to share with you and thank you for what happened to me when I went to New Zealand early this year. When I got there I found out that I did not have enough money to survive for a week. So I tried your technique and within 3 days I had more than enough money to spend on food, accommodations and small shopping.


I had always believed that everything with God is possible although with human beings it is impossible, but what is happening to me now is just out of anyone’s understanding..... I would like to give all the credit to you, Sasha


Nesbeth Wilson

Port Vila , Vanuatu , South West Pacific





“I Thank You From My Heart.”

It is a nice feeling to know some cares. I read all three books. Now I am, tonight, going back and read the second book and do the workbook.

You know, its funny, I been around the bible all my life. I have heard pastors preach on this subject, but not until I read your books did all the pieces come together.

After I read the secret, I came across your website, I believe God had a hand in it. I thank you from my heart and send my love as a fellow believer. Thank you again.

Your new friend,


Fred Willshaw II

Fresno , California





“Sasha, The Sheer Effort You've Put Into In Your Book 'Outrages Mastery' Spelling Out What Needs To Be Done To Evoke A Better Life For Oneself Is Just Awesome.”

Dear lady Sasha Xarrian,


You must know that I think the world of you.  You have my highest respect for what you've been through and have achieved in your life. I see you like a mountain of goodness', of which 'Geshe Michael Roach' talks about in his book ' The Diamond Cutter'. 


-Giving is giving away what you have,

And ethics is doing good to others.

Patience is giving up feelings of anger,

And effort is joy that increases all good-


Sasha, the sheer effort you've put into in your book 'OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®' spelling out what needs to be done to evoke a better life for oneself is just awesome. I love your book, though here and there it is a bit, what I would call, American'ish'.


Your words left a powerful imprint. I have faith in your words because you went through hell and back with a vengeance, if you will, just to teach us, people in all four directions of the world', how to take control of our own life and fate. You've undisclosed the secret Sasha, that's the secret.

My own life has had its fair share of drama. My misery began early, as a 2-year-old toddler with my Mum and my two brothers, shipped off to Japanese concentration camps in Indonesia . Hunger and cruelty was on the menu that lasted more than 3 years. Talk about imprints.


2 (or 3) of my friends have ordered Sasha's trilogy. If they spoke my name or not, didn't matter. More important, I think Sasha's revelation has to be read firsthand. That's why I urged them to Google search your name.  I'm so proud of you, Sasha. I'll be happy to team up with you and touch people's life.


FYI, many of my Thai friends ' in this part of the world' would love to read your trilogy. Do you suppose it can be translated in Thai?  You really are a lady to be embraced for OM in all four parts of the world. OM is the moment that takes our breath away.


With respect and a warm breeze, I am sincerely yours in Bangkok .








"I Have All Those Things Now - They Came Instantly - Virtually Within A Day"

Over two weeks ago, we were three adults and a baby in a one-bedroom apartment.  I remember praying to God how my baby is virtually homeless.  He couldn't crawl in our apartment but only lie in his crib, sit in his saucer, or be on our bed.  There simply was no roomI asked God for a home, a real home where my baby son could move and play.

For years, I've dreamt of a stove with a flat top. For the last couple years, I've wished for a dishwasher and my own washer & dryer.  My husband has especially wished for an automatic icemaker because he was tired of finding empty ice trays in the freezer.  One of the elements of my dream home was a stone facade with some siding. We wanted an area in the home that my 22-year-old could call his own (e.g., basement area).  I wanted a bedroom for my 15-year-old so he wouldn't be stuck on a living room couch when he visited and so he'd feel he had a home in our home. 

I have all those things now.  They came instantly, virtually within a day. 

We viewed some brand new homes for rent.  When we called and stated interest in our current home, the landlord didn't even want an application but said we could sign a lease & move in the next day.  We felt like it was too good to be true!

I'm claiming & creating like you say to!

Brenda Vandruff

Leavenworth , Kansas





“To Make A Very Powerful Story Short, I Subscribed To OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®. (And Because Of It) In August I Will Be Leaving To Attend The Academy Of Art.”

TRANSFORMATION!!!!!!!.... There are millions of self-help books, I would imagine.  A million libraries with facts and information, but what I needed in my life was "transformation.”

A bit about my past - Hello my name is Joe.  I was born in a small dusty impoverished border town in Texas - a family of 8 - we moved to Chicago when I was 3 years old my father passed away when I was 5.

I grew up in the streets of South Chicago and when I was 10 years old I had my introduction to alcohol.  At 13, I was already a drunk.

As years passed by, I was a run away – finding marriage was not a solution, my wife took my daughter and left.

My drinking took to the brink of suicidal despair, ending up in a mental institution.  There was no lonelier time than when I stood on a chair with a hang-mans rope.

I finally did sober up and having always loved Art and drawing, a co-worker loaned me the cd "The Secret."  I could not resist it.  It was life changing.

And to make a very powerful story short, I subscribed to OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®.  (And because of it) in August I will be leaving to attend The Academy of Art

The principles of OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® are powerful.  Right after I found out about the Academy, a man from the fellowship that I belong to, called me and said he would help me move to San Francisco !

I am still reading and putting into practice "OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®!

A Woman who has seen my Art work asked me how I was doing with my 2nd passion, which is Art.  I told her of my intentions of going to the Academy of Art , one of the finest schools for artists there is.  She asked if I had my plane tickets and I said no, but that I would like to leave Anchorage , August 30th.   She said, "I will buy you your tickets round trip or one way!"

What used to be "Will work for food signs" will one day be great works of Art. 

Be the ARTIST in your life.   The canvass is your life.   START PAINTING!

Joe Estevez

Anchorage , Alaska





“The Writings Are Indeed Precious. Wow! Sasha”

My dear friend Sasha,

Thank you.  The writings are indeed precious.  Wow! Sasha, you have loved your way through all obstacles and have been a great student of life.  Bless you.

It is exactly 2 AM and I have just completed reading book one. It took me a week. I am filled with compassion and reverence. You are an Angel and I love and respect you and honor you for sharing your experiences and the graceful wisdom that flows from you. You have a beautiful heart.  Bless you.

I will soon start to read book two. I am learning from you. I feel excited and feel your warmth. You care!  Thank you.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I will share, I am looking forward to being accepted for a post very soon, a salary job....things will get better.



Joe Preston

Chicago , Illinois




21 December


Merry Christmas Sasha, I am pleased to tell you that I have found a job and will be starting to work there Jan 3rd.  You are an Angel.  


Thank you,

Joe Preston

Chicago , Illinois





“I Have To Tell Somebody Lest I 'Burst' With Excitement............”

Dear Sasha,

I am here today, Wednesday, August 8, to testify that I got what I call, outrageous results. I will start at the beginning of my coming into contact with your system. This is going to be pretty lengthy, so bear with me, will you?


Coming into contact with Sasha Xarrian: Some time at the 3rd week to end of June 27, my son and I were looking at a movie in which reference was made to the novena of St. Rita. At that time also I was going thru financial downturn, more like hell - no job, part time

consultancy slow, bills mounting, two kids in college, no money in the bank, no where to source. I constantly worried I guess like anyone in that situation.


Immediately I downloaded the trilogy I began. I just sat on my bed, most times knelt down and went to work staying as close as possible to your directions. I have done it religiously since then.


For my first effort I decided to ask for the 'Massive Action: to create some money by selling some of my belongings, my desktop PC, a TV, etc. I went into the service centre where I do my printing, mention that I had the stuff for sale. The owner asked me to hold on, one of his employees wanted a used PC and he will ask him to call me. By the Saturday morning the young man and his father came to my home paid and collected the PC as well as the TV! Hold on, Sasha. When he got home he called to say that the PC was broken, was upset wanted his money back. I was sure that he was mistaken for I would not act unscrupulously. I asked him to make sure that it was fact and give himself time to understand the computer. As I put down the phone I began "my Hour of Power" DIRECTING that that he is pleased and that the money remains with me. I needed that money! Thirty minutes later he called apologized and said that he was no longer coming.


Challenging OM

At that point I was doubtful but curious. I decided to continue to 'test' OM  further.  My birthday was July 11th and I began in my hour of power directing a number of things as my gift to myself. The most significant of which was attending my son's graduation in the US on August 4th, take his brother along and be able to give the graduate a gift.  Now I live in the Caribbean , imagine the cost of that trip for two. I broke up the manifestations into section- money for regular living expenses, the trip, the gift, etc. I began to test OM by directing. To my utter astonishment I was directed to the massive action to raise the money at the bank based on an offer of employment which materialized and a contract which I won for a consulting assignment exactly 24 hours before we left on August 1st!!!!!!!. I had mere hours to settle everything that needed to b done before departure on the morning at 6.15 a.m. I have been in a state of shock ever since.


My thanks to you:

I quite literally just got back from Atlanta , a continent away from where I live and was literally directed to sit here and write to you to say thank you. The graduation was fine, my sons and I are sooo happy


Daily miracles and manifestations:

Those were the main ones, there are so many little miracles in between as I use the system, for instance my brother allowed me to travel on his courtesy due to his employment with an airline.  To do so one has to be on 'standby' always unsure that one will obtain a seat. Today in Miami I was told to stand-by, with the anxiety of not getting on board and perhaps having to wait for another flight maybe another day.


Right there at the counter I began to OM so mentally loud I am sure everyone 'heard'. At the last moment, I was the last passenger to board an attendant came up and called my name and asked me to board the aircraft!!!!. ON board I wanted to be alone, I was exhausted, without anyone sitting next to me, I had both seats to myself all the way!!!! And lots of small but critical issues for me I could write all day :-)


Testing, testing:

I want to further challenge this new power of mine which I feel comfortable with. My only added request is that I don't have these nail biting finishes, so to speak. How do we obtain 'comfortable' manifestations? where its all fun, easy, laughter. I was so nervous

with them, I am 'directing' for easier passage now.

I came back from the US on Wednesday 9th as I shared with you. On Thursday I made an assessment of my account, yup, still not out of the woods as I had gotten just the exact amount to make the trip. I lapsed into the 'old life' of anxiety, just as I did so I caught myself and switched to the new! immediately sensing that it did not help me in the past and sure as hell will not help me now. Ok, I said, calculated what was needed, that I wanted it to come over the next few weeks in tranches, no nail biting and went into OM mode. With my Rocky music blasting, me yelling out the window, and marching up and down my bedroom, calling on my new team of super natural angels, my GGFF (made up of my passed on family members at least 6 generations deep and my childhood best friend who also passed and 'directing' like crazy.  I was sure my neighbors think I am going bonkers, who cares I was sweating when I was done. When the old self threatened to return, I threw back my arms and yelled "thank you life, thank you Universe for all I have, I have my dream life, I have all I want and more"  (a la Louise Hay), "manifest the massive action to obtain XYZ", " I am never denied" I always find a way", my dams are burst", (a la Diva, Sasha Xarrian). I ended and just busied myself around the house.  Sasha, I swear, within the hour (between 5 and 6 p.m.   this said evening!  I got a fone call with a request to do a small assignment which will raise most of the first tranche!!! It was unbelievable. I was stunned into silence and deep gratitude! Coincidence some may say, I did too at first.  Today, I call it OM , for I know what I experience.


 I will continue to challenge myself   OM-ing to see where all this leads and, once I do not bore or tire you, keep you posted as my manifestations occur "hot off the press", after all, I have to tell somebody lest I 'burst' with excitement............


Testimonial for today based on OM-ing on Sunday 12th night, Monday 13th and Tuesday morning 14th August:


I was faced with 5 situations, which I OM-ed like crazy about:

1. a contract which I wanted with all the conditions favorable to me,

2. I needed an immediate inflow of hard cash

3. I wanted a set of critical documents sent to my recently graduated son so that he could remain in the US to start his graduate programme 

4. A communication mix-up which threatened to sour (big time!!) another business situation

5. During today Tuesday, I was invited to lunch, accepted, then due to just tiredness I wanted out of and directed that the host calls and cancels, not only cancels but says that she was too tired also to make it.


This morning as well as yesterday my H of P contained the first 4.  Now let me tell you individually what happened.


1. By 8.30 I got a call from the company offering but not meeting me, Girlfriend, I just dug in my heels and stuck to my guns, refusing to act out of desperation, weakness, guilt or frustration as you advise. In the 'old mode' I would have relented!  But Om-ing on the fone while we were talking and directing manifestation. We ended the conversation and I continued to Xperiment loudly!  An hour or so after he called back, all were conditions met without a fight!


2. When I got to office yesterday Monday, my consulting colleague informed me that we are billing today for work done and we should have cheques within the week, just like that !!!!


3. The documents are prepared for my son and will be faxed and called in today!!!  He has until 17th!


4. I was responsible for a nasty mix with my colleagues, totally unintentional, Sasha. I asked to be forgiven and OM-ed on the way to direct the massive action to straighten things out among us. After our meeting with a client, the senior and I talked I explained what was my intent, I apologized for the situation. She shockingly was a different person after. She hugged me and confirmed that she knew I was not like that.  I was almost in tears.  She UNDERSTOOD that I was merely attempting to lock up the deal in a certain way for us based on some information and strengths I had unknown to the rest of the team and asked me to continue on my course of action!!!!!!!!!! 


5. I got home about 10 mins ago, beat. I decided to Xperiment to have my host cancel by saying that she was too tired to make it. Sure enough, about 30 minutes ago, she called, me expecting to say "ok I will meet you , she jumped in and said "no, no, girl, I am just too tired after that meeting to make it, I am going to take a nap, I will call you later!!!!!!!  I just laughed with gratitude, so loudly into the phone.


Now, is that your OM at work or what?  Take that!!!



West Indies , Caribbean





"I Believe That God Brought Me To Your Manuscripts.”


Dear Sasha, I believe that God brought me to your manuscripts as I was searching under the name of a particular book on the internet and your site came up first.

Now I have to back up a little and tell you that I had just finished a book titled 'Conversations with God' and it talked about a conversation this man had with God and he would ask God questions and get answers.

This booked really slapped me in the face when God talked about the power of our minds and if we had but the faith of a mustard seed we could obtain all that we desire.

That put my mind to thinking about what I had created in my life and my mind was responsible for it, which put me on another mission of finding out who had tried these theories and better yet who could show me how.

Well the thing is it took about as long a one minute for me to find your website and was compelled to purchase your (OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®) manuscripts.

Thank you for this and the knowledge that you have chosen to share with the world. I am now on OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® 2 and doing my homework and have never felt so excited about anything in my whole life.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Brenda Amaris

Rochester , Minnesota





"I've Been Seeking This My Whole Life!"

Yesterday I ordered your manuscripts. After reading your first one I went and had a little talk with my deceased mother who was a very critical woman, I told her that I loved her, something we never told each other when she was alive, and how sorry I was for be angry and resentful of the love and attention she showed me as a child.

After our little talk I was actually able to look at pictures of her without getting angry. (I think your manuscripts are) what I'VE BEEN SEEKING MY WHOLE LIFE.

Your manuscripts have helped me turn my morning ritual of prayer and meditation... from my hour of wishing... into my hour of POWER."

Vern Brandon





“You Are A Real Gift To The World!”

Dear Sasha X,


I have just finished reading your manuscript and hasten to thank you very much for it. It is hard to be indifferent to it, not to talk of excitement.


Two things I find wonderfully remarkable about your goodself 1) your uncanny ability to draw useful lessons from everything that happens to you. That makes you learn the lessons of life and grow faster than the rest of us. 2) I also doff my hat to you for your great longing to

share the lessons of life with the rest of humanity for a more meaningful existence. You know better, and regrettably that it is the same experiences and pressures that should push people to question themselves and awaken inwardly that have sent them to leaden slumber. I have no doubt you'll find great fulfillment in this.


To close this note I wish to acknowledge your deep sense of fundamental life-sustaining human values. But your thorough-going openness is too much for my nerves to bear. I have no doubt that you are a real gift to humanity and wholly support your Outrageous endeavor.


Yours Sincerely,


Boniface Forbin

Republic of Cameroon





“I received a letter from my faculty informing me that my Masters degree has been accepted.”



Just after reading the communication from you and your son, Michael yesterday on my data at the University, when I returned home, I received a letter from my faculty informing me that my Masters degree has been accepted.


Not only had they already arranged the date for my disputation; they had also printed my thesis and this letter was also an invitation to me to come to the faculty to collect my printed copy. Who is to be my opponent at my disputation? One of my teachers from my Bachelor's course whom I liked very much. If just reading some of your communication has brought so many positive results, I can hardly wait to see the results from what is coming in the following days.


I will also add a supplement as proof of my increasing prosperity: The following day I received a letter from the Central Admissions Council informing me that I had been accepted to the Summer Course in the subject of my choice. My husband looked at me and asked: Have you been reading those Sasha reports again?


I am just studying your success strategies in section 1 of "OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®" which brought you prosperity; and I can hardly put it down to do my scholastic work; it is so compelling. That is proof in itself.


Warmest wishes and good luck Sasha and also your son Michael for your wonderful work.


Viviene Phillips Nilsson

Uppsala , Sweden



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“Wow! It Was Just Like A Mystery Unfolding!”

Dear Sasha,


Your style of writing makes me feel as though you are telling me those experiences in person. It makes me feel touched and at the same time motivated.


I've completed reading your OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®, An Xperiment with Power and am now on to OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® II. I must say that I've had some similar experiences you had but I didn't recognize them until I read your book. Wow! It was just like a mystery unfolding! I was so excited.


Thank you again, Sasha.


Fadzilah Mohamed Nor

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia





"My Heart Needed This Book To Bring Healing Between Me And God."


Hi Sasha, thank you so much for sharing your book. You have no idea how much your book has transformed my life. I write this with tears running down my face to express my extreme gratitude. Thank you...

"My heart needed this book to bring healing between me and God. For years I have been trapped in my mind with beliefs about God and living for years... many hurtful times... and dark hours... your book truly is setting me free.

"Of course this is a new path. I just know God brought it to me. I myself am writing a book about my freedom... I walked away from church in search to save my relationship with God and my self... titled 'My Silent Prison'...

"I have applied your hour of power and written down every week for the last 3 weeks of what I desire to experience in my week... and many have come to pass!!!

"This is so exciting as well as empowering! I would enjoy sharing these with you for your new site... I can't just write one experience because there are so many.

"I have noticed sometimes like this last week past cycles pop up to sabotage my efforts and new beliefs, but the exciting thing is I am aware... if I hadn't read the chapter about depression and discouragement. I might have given up and resisted my negative feelings...

"I've noticed I would fear and stand firmly, noticing I was fighting with fear motivated not faith... but you showed me its ok to accept and feel.

"That alone has freed me. I used to be afraid to feel... afraid to cry... but what a release. Please pray for my journey. I am so thankful for you to open your heart.

Thank you for showing me I'm ok!  Keep on your path... for its setting many free! May God richly bless you and your family!  Life Is Sweet.

Melissa Worcester


Dallas , Texas





"What An Incredible Book... It Took My Breath Away!"

What an incredible book you have written! It took my breath away! I'll tell you not much does that anymore; I cried, laughed and traveled the whole road with you.

I printed off your story 1st thing this morning and read it cover to cover in 5 hours; life changing experience.

Your kids are VERY blessed to have a woman of such power, focus and integrity in their lives. Above that, your unbelievable love makes me feel ashamed at how crappy our family dynamic was.

You are an angel on earth; I realized reading this why I had such a powerful bond with you; humor, love, honesty and downright cheeky playfulness. I'm honored and humbled to know you.

Love always,


James Boyce

United Kingdom





“I Am Overwhelmed By Your Faith . . . This Is Really Awesome!”

Dear Sasha,


I am overwhelmed by your faith, especially your childlike faith, and how faithful and strong you were when you prayed and knew that God will answer your prayers.  This is really awesome! You have encouraged and motivated me.


I'm just halfway through your first book and you have encouraged me and just waiting to finish reading and start implementing it myself. I have lots of things in my mind which need to be sorted out and I know the Trilogy will help me.


Thanks with love,

Joyce Matthew





“The Very Thing That Can Boost Millions To Their Next Level Of Success.”



My wife saw your web site last week and we both felt a confirmation that your book held answers that had been eluding us. We ordered the OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® series and within the first few pages of book one we sensed breakthroughs on the horizon.


I am a 45 yr. old father of 4 wonderful kids with a beautiful and loving wife. Several years ago, I left the law practice to begin working full time in Christian ministry. As a former federal prosecutor, military JAG and special operations officer, I felt that my organizational and leadership skills would best be used in a mission that moved my heart. Many of my life's ambitions have been fulfilled as I've applied my administrative gifts in an environment that reaches out to people and encourages them to reach to the stars. In our personal lives however, my wife and I had begun to feel like we had hit a ceiling in the area of finances and personal health.


I fully believe that God intended for his children to live rich productive lives in the earth and to be an example of prosperity and increase in all areas of existence. Reading OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® sparked some dormant threads within both my wife and myself and we are now engaging life with more enthusiasm and focus than ever before. I can hardly wait to turn the first pages of book 2 and begin the next phase in our journey!


We're very excited about what you're doing with OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®.  Your powerful example of faith in action is the very thing that can boost millions to their next level of success.  Thank you for making yourself transparent so that others may learn from your experiences. 


Sincerely (and with Outrageous Excitement),


J. Stanton Douglas




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“After My Hour of Power and Prayers to Heal That Friendship ... We Were Like Little Girls and Sisters Together"

Dear Sasha,  

I just wanted to express my amazement and gratitude for using your workbooks and the Hour of Power. I have been doing loads of things leading up to this.....so you were the final "icing on the cake". For instance I have read the book called " Excuse me, Your life is Waiting "..something to that effect discussing using only positive strong feeling energy to manifest what you want and don't focus on what you don't want and then the Wayne Dyer series about "The Power of Intention".  

I wake up early anyway and have been listening to powerful music, do massive writing, take out my intentions and check off all the ones coming true. Most of them are manifesting....and the amazing thing is with two women relationships: 1. My sister who had "sworn me off" and hung up the phone on me a month ago claiming I'm too strong or bossy for her  2. A friend that had a misunderstanding and hadn't spoken for 6 months.

Oh....don't get me wrong...... (I'm laughing) as actually I'm extremely personable and friendly and have many, many close friends (over 20) and have a great, compassionate personality. Anyways on Thanksgiving morning I declared loud and clear in my Hour of Power : I will not go another day without healing my relationship with my sister. Somehow, someway, we will 100% get along and cut out this pain. My supernatural "team of angels" will help me create this reality!!     

Well....the miracle...when I got to the restaurant, instead of me having to DO anything or manipulate the situation.....without me saying one word, my sister came right up to me, said a very friendly "Happy Thanksgiving" How are you? You look beautiful, etc....and all walls dissolved miraculously in the moment.

I had brought a sweet card to apologize for anything I may have done to offend her...she later read the card and truly thanked me. We had the best day ever. Not only did we have Thanksgiving, but went to a great movie and later dinner afterward. I've been talking to her openly and closely ever since and all resentments have dissolved and healing and love have intervened!!

Thank you God for this healing......Just declare it very strong to the Universe!!   The other friend, again, hadn't communicated for 6 months. I sent a cute email joke and included her in it.

After my Hour of Power and prayers to Heal that friendship, we were like little girls and sisters together....she is a special angel. She immediately emailed me back, asked how I was and called me the following week. We were supposed to spend 1 hour for lunch.....she "kidnapped" me from work and we laughed and goofed off the entire day!!! We are stronger friends than ever. Thank you for these miracles.  


Appreciative Woman in Arizona





“I Have Never Felt So Powerful In My Whole Life”


Dear Sasha,




You are such an inspiration to me. Every day, even on days when I just don't want to, I go do my Moment of OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®. And as soon as the music starts, emotions come up from all the cracks and corners where they had tried to stay hidden.  Quite often it makes me cry and it always makes me feel better.  Excellent stuff, Sasha. I have never felt so powerful in my whole life.


I so much love your Mastery program. I have been working with it for a few months now and I am changing from being an insecure adult with a background of a powerless childhood of abuse to a strong woman who is taking her power like never before and just LOVING IT. Thanks to you and you are the most wonderful example of power personified that I know.


Thanks so much for the gift you have given me. You have no idea how much this means to me.


Much love,


Helle Gylling






“For The First Time In 10 Years I Am Happy”

(June 15)


Dear Sasha,

I am 47 years old, I am on disability because of serious domestic violence, I have 3 children 2 biological and one I was in the process of adopting with my fiancé. All of these kids suffer from Post Traumatic Stress disorder from abuse, as do I.

Life is hard especially for the kids. They live in a constant state of fear, rejection and pain.

On Monday my fiancé announced that we are no longer welcome and are expected to move out by August. No explanation, no warning, just leave.

I am a good woman who loves her children with all her heart, and the thought of them being separated tears me apart. I will not be allowed to adopt _______on my $619.00 monthly income. This little girl was abused and neglected by her mother and then abandoned with me 4 years ago.

I will not be able to support myself much less 3 children. I own nothing. I have no savings, as it all went into her case, for attorneys, therapists. Over $30,000.00 all together. She arrived at my home with nothing but a garbage bag with some old, too small clothes. It has been a hard but wonderful road, and for the first time in her life, she knows SHE IS LOVED.

I will be homeless if I don't find a better way, and she will be devastated!

NOW I know this is not a quick fix, get rich scheme. I need a life altering something to change the future for myself and these kids, and hopefully, if they send ______ into foster care, I will be able to bring her home, I will find what ever it is I am missing and that is the goal.  It’s not about money as much as it is about LOVE.

What ever it takes, and if I do this right and it works, you will have someone who will do anything you ask to get the word out about this program.  There is no stronger motivator than the love of a child!

Thank you so much, so very much!!!
Billie Jean


P.S Please keep in touch with me, so I can tell you of my progress.

Date: Sun, 18 Jun

What makes me worthy?

- I am an awesome person.


- I have been blessed with an understanding of people and why they do what they do. I have an understanding of who they are inside and where they are going. I have used this several times to help kids, teens, and women out of bad situations.


- I have the ability to care for and love even the people that hurt me. I am a tremendously forgiving person.


- I am strong; I knew early in life that what I was going through was a lesson to better things.


- I am an awesome and completely devoted person; when I love I love completely.


- I am a wonderful mother. I have raised 3 very giving, loving and compassionate children.


- I have survived the worst of the worst and appreciate what I have always.


Date: Sun, 09 Jul

I have been meaning to get in touch with you. Things are about the same but I am feeling better about this whole situation. I have been very busy, with my son leaving today, and so I have not been a diligent as I should be. I will have more time next week to get back into your program. I like what you have to say... but all the old Catholic and Christian belief's are causing a struggle. Well I can say nothing I was ever told worked, and I am hoping this will.
I hope all is well and thank you again!

Billie Jean

Date: Fri, 21 Jul

Hey all
How are things going? Well it's me again. I am still working on the manuscript.


I wanted to tell you someone gave me a car... I needed one, it's a nice older black convertible ...I'm happy!


I know it’s taking a lot of time for me to get through the manuscript but it's difficult to find peace in this house, there is a lot of stress.


The things I was hoping for my 3 wishes were a car, a home and a good job… one down two to go, but if the universe wished to bless me with some extra money that would be nice too. He has left me with no access to money, no car, and we are struggling… the kids and I. I got a car (he is none to happy about) we found a house we like... I'm waiting for 8, 000.00 dollars which I may have by tomorrow, so things maybe getting better.


I hope all is well with you! And you’re receiving tons of orders for your manuscript ... the positive messages are well worth the effort to read it! Thanks again I will keep you posted,

Billie Jean

Date: Mon, 24 Jul

Things are looking up.


I got the $8,000.00 for the house, I got a co signer for the loan, my son was excepted to the school he wanted to go to and is doing well, my daughter was given an apprenticeship when she finished school and the same business owner who is helping her with school offered her a job managing his company... she is only 19.


Mom has a few more needs, money being the biggest, and a job that I enjoy... preferably one that involves helping people and pays no less than $300.00 a week. That’s not too much to ask is it, lol?


So things are looking up! I move into my home next week!

Love you guys!
Billie Jean

Date: Mon, 14 Aug

Hi again,

Here’s the update...

Since I began applying those principals, I have received $8,500.00, which is enough to buy myself the home I wanted.


I got a car - a convertible no less. 


I was sick but with the beliefs I have now... my hands have stopped shaking, my heart has slowed down. I was in congestive heart failure, I no longer have the anxiety I had, the swelling in my thyroid gland is not even noticeable and well for the first time in 10 years I AM HAPPY!


In addition my son who has SUFFERED from Post traumatic stress disorder, a young man who quit school, began drinking to numb the pain, is now at a military school, a decision he made, and is an A student. He is his platoon ambassador, and has been selected to be the platoon leader... WOW, this is a young man who could not speak in front of people, who was so self-conscience that he barely went out of the house...is now a leader!


My daughter has an apprenticeship at school, and is planning to begin in Sept.


This was a family that had given up on ever being happy again, and now everyday is a joy and an adventure... THANKS SO MUCH! Talk to you soon!

Billie Jean

Hudsonville , Michigan





“You Have Liberated Me And Will Continue To Liberate Many Souls With This Truth”


My dearest Sasha,

You are an amazing woman, the 1st day I laid my hands on your 3 books, it was like I had always known you.  I feel my life is back. I look forward to everyday of my life expecting to see my directed outcomes. Indeed we are sooo Powerful . . .  Thank you very much . . . you have liberated me and will continue to liberate many souls with this truth. Thank you very much Sasha, I would love to meet you one day, you are the best. . . .thank you for especially dealing with the area of being Special, being Important & Honorable, it made a big difference in my spiritual life. Many thanks.

All my love,


Litha Mthitshana

South Africa



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“Finally, I Am Really Excited About My Life!”

On Aug 22, at 5:38 PM, Guy Williams wrote:

Hello Sasha, I just finished reading OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® ... It is beautifully written. I'm not even sure how I first found out about it. I've been looking at conscious creation intensely for the past several months, reading everything I could get my hands on.

By page 12 or 13 in your book, I knew there was something special about it. I'd been journaling over the past month or so, anything to understand and get answers to why I've kept recreating the same problems in my life. By Chapter 27 I was laughing out-loud and extremely excited - this is what I've been looking for. I laughed and cried while reading.

I'd been really short of money when I found out about your book and simply wrote down that I wanted to buy it. Last night I heard, "Check your [credit card] account, we have a surprise for you." And I didn't! I heard the same thing again this morning and checked and there was enough to order your book.

I ordered it and read it in one sitting - just stopping for bathroom breaks and drinking some juice.

I've been introspecting and so much wanting to understand events in my life, why things happened the way they did. I thought I understood that events that I remembered in the past that had strong emotional content were due to unforgiveness, I still did not understand. A day or two ago, I just started to list some traumatic events in my childhood and teenage-hood and adulthood - things I thought were traumatic to see what the patterns were. When I got to page 12 or 13 in your book I knew these events I listed were not about trauma, although they seemed problematic at the time, they were my power points. I think all my life I've been afraid of coming into my power and at the same time, I want it so that I can realize my full potential. Quite a quandary, eh?

I cannot thank you enough for this book and I am definitely looking forward to the next ones (even if they're unfinished copies!!!!!!) ( hint! hint!)

I had so much energy yesterday after reading your book that when I lay down to go to sleep, I couldn't. And that was at midnight . I did not fall asleep until around 4am this morning. I ended up getting up and reading notes that I wrote down from your book, namely, "There are no limits, There are no walls, There is no loss." So I repeated that over and over as I got back in bed and tried to fall asleep.

I used to be fearful of that Power. That's why I was not living my dreams. I think this is what a lot of people are afraid of: Power, their own Power. Like I wrote in my earlier email, I've had some difficult money problems. This has caused stress in my body, usually a tight neck and shoulders. This morning it is all gone. Gone! I know it is a result of reading your book.

Your book has helped tremendously. I cannot really convey this in words. I am really excited about consciously creating. I am really excited about my life. I am excited about living my dreams. I am really excited about having perfect faith. Love is who you are.

Peace and Joy to you,

Guy Williams :)

San Diego , California



August 23


Hi Sasha,


I'd read your book a second time yesterday. This time it was different. I felt guided to read it again. This time my attention honed in on the relationship with your father and your father having been on his own since age 13. My father passed away last year. He'd left home at 14 years old and had a very difficult life. What struck me was your conversation on the plane when your Soul Friends told you why your father was behaving the way he was. Your response, "That's nuts." It is. The reason that this is important for me is because I really do not remember my father ever saying anything kind to me. He always appeared critical. It was as if I could never do enough to win his affection.


And then the light went on as I read your book the second time. I just burst into tears as the realization that he loved me and that the way he was showing me was by being critical. That's all he knew how to do. He had no male role model in his life. I just got off the phone from speaking to one of my sisters for the past 2-1/2 hours and mentioned many things that she never realized. It was a great talk. So thank you again for your book. It has touched me deeply.


After I finished the book, I went for a long slow walk for about an hour. I invited my father to come. He'd "shown up" when I read the book the first or second time. Not really sure. I just heard him talk into my right ear and turned to talk to him. (I did not see him but knew he was with me.)  We just talked about some of the events that I experienced and never had a chance to share with him. It was a nice walk. It was a very nice walk. I've never walked with him before as an adult. Yesterday was the first. I discussed the Mastermind Council I'm forming and asked if he'd sit on it. He'll be right next to me.


Love is who you are.


Peace be to you and yours,

Guy :) Williams

San Diego , California





“Make A Movie About The Story Of Your Life! Wow!”



In two days, I just finished reading your first book about your life story…my response…well, you have probably heard this before and I am hear to confirm what your mission is before you move on to other worlds…make a movie about the story of your life! Wow!  That’s an outrageous dream. I feel so strongly about what you are accomplishing in this life-time and humanity is in need, they need to know your story, because it is their story.

Thank you for sharing your life story in such a powerful and passionate way!  I love you for that! I truly mean it! Blessings!

I decided that I was going take from your first book and reflect on some of the gifts that my life produced as a result of some of the hardships that I experienced in my life.


I began to write and a story unfolded. It was like automatic writing. I went on for six pages… -about the first three years of my life. I had never done this before and it was very revealing. And as I would go back and read it over and over again, I felt some of the residual hurt leaving my body. All of the events in my life at that time began to crystallize in my mind as I have never seen before. I am thinking to myself, this is a therapeutic experience. I actually felt a part of my life being healed.  


I want you to know that after reading your first book. I was inspired by your life story. I identified with almost every aspect of your life. And because this has made a personal and profound impact toward my well-being, I express my gratitude for what you are doing. 

Thank you for the way that you are. You are in my prayers every morning and with this email I send you a bouquet of blessings.





“I Have Been Set Free In So Many Ways”

Dear Sasha,

My name is Leigh, I thought I would write you when I was all finished, when in fact I am doing it only after finishing the first book.  I completely feel so many of your thoughts to the core. I actually talk out loud to you back at some points.  I feel not everyone could understand them like me because I was exactly there.  Without starting the " how to" guide yet I have been set free in so many ways - anger at the delusion that God is putting me through things . . . and all traces of guilt gone from the fear tactics used by my religion I was raised in.  These were all crazy hunches until now.  Now they are discoveries of beautiful flowing wisdom and truth.  I hope that everyone on Earth reads your story.

Leigh Riley

Elkhorn , Wisconsin





“You Took Me Out Of A Deep, Deep Pit”

Hi Sasha, You took me out of a deep, deep pit. O.M taught me first to find out who am I. You know creating things can only be visible when you know where you are in life.  My life has changed a lot. My thinking and doings have elevated. . . . I am more confident and bold. The fear that used to over power me is gone,  I am healed from that.  Thanks for being there for people who have lost themselves in the journey of life.

Last week I got a letter from SAR, which means South African Revenue.  The day I handed in my bar form 14/07/06 the guy who helped said I owe the Revenue R686.07. Amazingly when I receive my letter it was R0.07- balance.  I shouted thanks, thanks, and I started to cry, tears of joy. I know now my Moment of OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® is starting to work.

God Bless, 

Audrey Pienaar,

Toekomsrus , South Africa ( Gauteng )





“Normal Social Activities That Would Cause Me Distress, No Longer Upset Me”


Greetings Sasha:

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your script. After being moved from your story, I constantly repeat "I am a daughter of the King".  I am happy that you learned that you are truly a daughter of the King who wants to bless His children.  It seems to me that everyone so needs to know and feel that be a part of their lives.  So I offer my words of support and praise for allowing yourself to be so open about your experiences-the pretty and the not so pretty parts. 


Since reading your book, it is much to absorb, but the following changes are evident.  I have always wanted to believe that my background doesn't define who I am, but it explains a lot of my behaviors.  My mother left when I was one, which deeply instilled fear in me, to only be horribly abused by my stepmother for ten years without stop.  I then became a foster child and had an experience of fervent faith, as I prayed passionately daily to leave my foster home and move back into my best friends house with a family that so loved me.  After a couple months, heaven answered my prayer and I joyfully returned to the place where love flourished.  Almost overnite I went from an F student to an A student.  Look what love can do. 

I lost touch with the family that loved me, as differences in opinion and my best friend and I growing separate ways.  I miss them so, but don't contact them out of fear of rejection.

My focus was always on how they hurt me.....until your book.  I made some really tough decisions.   The endless pit of victim, my hurts, my wounds no longer spirals and spirals as a daily part of my life.  For the first time, I thought about them without guilt, nor judgment and could finally speak about how much I do love and miss them.  I say my prayers about it to God and am at peace that He will send them my thoughts of love and kindness.  Normal social activities that would cause me distress, no longer upset me.  A stare is just a stare and no longer a threat.  I had no idea I was living in such a tremendous amount of fear.  I have always prayed to God... but now even my prayers are different.

My future is promising....for I am a daughter of the KING who loves to bless His children without me having to prove anything to anyone, rules or regulations.  Love isn't earned, it is simply GIVEN!  The message I hear lately is, "behold I make all things NEW."


I am astounded that someone would write so much and still remain humble. . Yes, Sasha my life has been transformed since reading your book.  Thank you.


Justine Joy





"I Found The Love Of My Life In 2 Days!"


I was a single mom of a beautiful son, Nathan. His biological father lived in another country and returned there three weeks after finding out I was pregnant. My life-long dream was to have a family: a loving, powerful partner-in-crime and children of my own. For so long, I didn't think it was possible. Then magic happened! After conversations with my mom (Sasha) and reading her story I was inspired to create my life, to have my dreams come true.

I declared out loud in my apartment, "I am ready to get married. I am ready!" and I meant it. Literally two days later, my warrior appeared. He was someone I had known and respected for several years, but never thought we could be together. The more we talk, the more we realize we were meant to be.

There are no mistakes in life. I am clear my angels crafted this perfect story which I now get to live! I feel like the luckiest person alive. We have set the date to get married and we are moving forward one day, one moment at a time - together. All I can say is that we are the creators of our worlds. We all have the power within.

Katrina Waters

Austin , Texas





"The Principles You Share Have the Power To Transform The World”


Dear Sasha,

I read your book and it has changed my life forever. The night I completed your book, I lay in bed thinking; your book was stirring up thoughts. It was” working on me” I began to see myself, right then and there, as powerful, creative, loving, accepting and expressive. The energy was mounting. Here is what I have created because your book gave me the idea that it could happen in my life and for me. I have become more confident than ever before. I know that by moving my energy forward in the world I can create a life that I love. You inspired me to this. Your ability to face life and boldly go forth is amazing.  

I have become more vocal. I say what I want, as I want it.  You taught me this. It is phenomenal, the waters part at my word. Everything that I boldly declare comes to fruition, nearly immediately.

My husband is transforming before my eyes. For years, I have wanted to go to Europe . We are planning a trip for next summer. He has heard the power and clarity in me. For years, I have been limited by fears. Today I boldly state what I want in the face of fear. My life is moving forward at every turn. My relationship with my daughter (my only child) has transformed. I am her friend and mother today. This is the relationship I always wanted to have with her. It is because my fear of parenting and making a mistake is gone. My relationships at work have become easy. There is two-way communication and fun.

I don't know exactly how this happened but it has happened since I read your book.

I know today that I can use the power of (God) to create the life I want. It is rather simple and enormously effective. I see that anyone can use the concepts in your book and immediately begin to create the life they want. I know that anything I apply the principles to will come to fruition. Best of all, I now realize the power of (God) and no longer live in isolation.  Best of luck with your book. The principles you share have the power to transform the world.



Barbara Thompson



PS - The title is perfect   



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On Jul 21, at 10:11 PM , Daniel I. wrote: Hello Sasha, Loved your book! I have always believed in the power of manifestation ... but to read how much adversity you overcame with it-- really moved me. I am faced with a dilemma... Maybe you can offer a helpful suggestion? I have always been the top-performing trainer in my gym.  This month I became the assistant manager but due to the enormous amount of work going into learning my new position... my total training revenue has fallen behind as a result. I need to manifest about $5000 in personal training revenues but hardly have the time. I have created my own hour of power and asked the infinite intelligence to help me find it... but the time is closing in!  (10 days). Any suggestions? I am definitely spending extra hours out on the floor trying to create it as best I can. But suggestions for how to ask or any suggestions at all would help. Thanks for your time ... can't wait for the workbook etc!


On Jul 31, at 10:12 AM , Daniel I. wrote:


UNBELIEVABLE! I still remained stressed out about creating the 5K until the morning of the last possible day... I had only sold $2200 up till that day... That morning I did an Xperiment as you call it... I arrived at work at 8 am not knowing where it could possibly come from.

By 10:30 out of the blue a client said, " I need to get more sessions" to which I replied, "You have 5 left still"  and he replied.. "Yes, but I want to pay you $2500 for a package of about 50 sessions"

I SWEAR those were his exact words... well I just stood there stunned, knowing what had just happened.

So I ended up creating even more for the day -- and ended up grossing about $3600!  Needless to say with the additional $549 I sold yesterday, I have gone over the 5k I needed. WOW.

Thank you for the inspiration. I'm curious, what do you think the limits of manifestation are?  Because yesterday I arrived to a totally overcast sky at the beach.  Needless to say I was unhappy. 

So I did an Xperiment to create sunshine within 10 minutes and to have it last for at least two hours.  I'm not kidding when I say the ENTIRE sky was overcast as far as the eye could see  -- even out over the ocean to the horizon. 

By the time I walked from the car to a good spot to lay a towel it took maybe 5 minutes... ALL the clouds suddenly moved off and it was completely sunny with crystal blue, cloudless skies for the full 2 hours we were there. When we were ready to leave we walked back to the car and started to drive away... and it became totally overcast again within a couple minutes at most. 

I swear it really happened.. my fiancée witnessed the whole thing.  It's kind of spooky actually.  What do you think?





"This OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® Really Works!"


Dear Sasha,

OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® has been the blueprint for how to reclaim my powers! From the first words, I knew that this book would cause profound life-changing experiences for me. To master talents that we all possess, but have forgotten how to use, struck me as a powerful theme.

I was drawn to your experiments with UNIVERSAL powers. However, being a research scientist, I thought I should give them a try for myself. I would believe my own results.

My first test was with a troublesome health issue that I have suffered from for many years: diabetes. For months, my blood sugar has been extremely elevated. Using your example, I decided to heal myself in one week!

Trusting completely in the universe and my ability to heal, my blood sugar dropped dramatically in 3 days!! I FEEL GREAT!

I am also attracting and creating wealth and abundance in other areas of my life. By opening myself to the universal powers, wondrous opportunities are coming to me.

Sasha, this OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® really works! Like you say in the book, “If you don't believe me, try it for yourself.” I tried it. I will continue to use it because I know it works.

This research scientist is satisfied and wants to learn more. Thank you for sharing your journey. Your principles work.

Mary Turner, PhD

Author and Doctor of Microbial Genetics

Working on the cure for Aids

Houston , Texas





“It Is The Most Wonderful Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me”

Donna with Mark
Victor Hanson

Dear Sasha,

As I began reading your book, I started to feel my personal power grow, even from the very first pages… You have opened my world and my vision in a way that I did not even know was possible

Since COMPLETING “OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®” I have been able to attract incredible new and exciting things and people into my life almost effortlessly.

The doors of possibility have flown wide open and wonderful things are simply walking or flying right in…    

I was stuck in my business and really did not know how to create abundance, especially in the way I wanted. The power I now have, thanks to you, is generating infinite opportunities to receive “quantum income”. This really works! It is happening as I speak. 

Additionally, I have seen the quality of my relationships with my teenaged children improve. I did not know how to achieve that before. AMAZING!!!

I am daily attracting positive energy and positive people, all types of new relationships into my life, almost “out of the blue”…  What a powerful feeling! I have overcome many obstacles in my life but now realize how and why these things occurred.  I have realized that I am the strong person I am today because of these things. YOU have helped me see the truth of this. I KNOW that I have the power to attract goodness into my life every day. Forgive the past and move on. 

You have rocked my world and what you have to share can literally rock the WHOLE WORLD!!! 

THANK YOU for sharing this enlightenment with all of us. Life will never be the same…I want to share it with the world. IT REALLY WORKS!!! 

Donna Pisani

Author “The Greatest Moment of Your Life”

New Orleans , Louisiana






"My Prayer For Money Was Answered Immediately"


Somewhere along the way on my journey through life, I came to understand the concept of believing God to meet our material needs. I've seen Him provide for my family of 9 several times and often in very big ways. But I have to admit that it's often hard to justify asking for really big things, especially those with deadlines, and especially those that are more like "wants" than "needs."

So although I knew that God could provide us with $5,000 for a recent project, I just didn't have the faith to ask. Then I met Sasha at a conference in Atlanta where she explained to me what she does.

I was so encouraged by her stories that just listening to her increased my faith. So I asked God for what I thought was an impossible amount with an impossible deadline. But you know what God can do! And He loves to be challenged by the impossible!

So I asked myself how I could come up with the amount I needed. The idea came to me to ask a few people who owed me money to consider paying. They were surprised that I hadn't billed them.

So just days before I needed the money, it was all there in my checking account.

Thank you Sasha for increasing my faith.

Rhea Perry


Lexington , Alabama





"It Blew My Door to Power OFF ITS HINGES!"


Dear Sasha,


I had felt as if I had lost the ability to create things in my own life for a very long time … and then I read your book. To say it took me to a whole new level of understanding just exactly how powerful I can be is an understatement.


I was barely peaking through the doorway of my creative ability … but your book just blew the door off its hinges!

Through much of my life I have been fearful to explore my own creative abilities, my own sense of power. At one point I just gave up … and allowed myself to become stuck  … until NOW!

Not anymore. Your book has blown away that false belief for good … I am worth so much!

Sasha, your book instills belief … in one's self, in one's faith (whatever that may be), in the way the universe works, just exactly as it was intended but to which we have lost touch.

Millions will be inspired to take on their own mastery, their own abilities … what a GIFT!

Julie Cochrane

Vancouver , BC , Canada



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“The Day My Life Was Changed Forever.”


Dear Sasha,

I finished OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® and the very next day I raised $50,000 for my business. This $50,000 will mean the difference between taking years and months to reach my goals. I read, I believed, and I put positive thoughts and energy into the Universe. I saw results. 

I now have complete confidence and control of my entire life. Every time I turn around, everyone I speak with, everything I think, positive results.  It is mind-boggling, there is little need for me to even say anything and people are wanting to do business ...

... New profitable ideas have been flowing effortlessly. The real amazing thing is we are finding people to help implement the ideas. 

As you can see, I am extremely excited about the result I am seeing after reading this book, but I feel I must warn you, once you pick the book up and start reading, it is nearly impossible to put it down. The story is incredible, the results life-changing, and the writing hypnotic. Sasha can write.

Michael Wesely

#1 Best Selling Author

Atlanta , Georgia





“What Miracles! This Must Be Made Available To Women Everywhere!”

Dear Sasha,

This is the greatest gift ever! Your story is powerful and eloquent and so far; I am only on page 40.  Your story has brought me close to God tonight as I read with total awe and amazement the story that you are sharing with me!

Sasha your book is fantastic. 

There are, as you are no doubt aware, a large number of Mormon people living in this area.  Your books and talks could be so incredibly powerful as a healing and inspirational tool for them.

You are a Champion!

I felt the pain you went through, cheered as you went through the process in court and sighed with a feeling of compassion and relief when you and your father made amends.

What Miracles!  What Strength and Vision - really an amazing piece of work that must be made available to women everywhere..

Once again thank you so much and God Bless!

Janice Wotherspoon, BSW

Wings to Freedom Consulting, Dedicated to Eliminating Poverty Forever

Melville , Saskatchewan , Canada





I loved Sasha's book! Actually cried when I read it and for me that takes a lot!


We all have to be open to our true path and, as Sasha states, sometimes that means learning some very hard lessons.  She speaks openly and honestly about the lessons she learned and the hypocrisy that existed and made her life more horrible because of the money and power people in the church were able to wield in order to temporarily smash the hopes and dreams she had.


The MIRACLE of faith and planning one's life based on the "outrageous principles" Sasha outlines are the way we all need to be going in order to find true success.


I was working with a group of battered women when I read the book. I knew I wasn't making the salary I should be but the joy of working with this client group superseded any monetary gain. I thought this was true until I read the book and then suddenly something inside of me snapped. I felt a surge of energy that wasn't good leaving my body as I tapped out a resignation and set off to work more exclusively on my own true path...(continuing to share this inspirational message and being compensated appropriately)


Currently, resting up from burnout, contemplating new visions to manifest and reviewing OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® and other inspirational material at my home on the prairies I am thankful to Sasha for sharing her fantastic story.


Sasha is continuing to work on more books and I know she is a healer at heart. Her words are meant to be read by those who need it most. If you are inspired, if you feel drawn to the book, then ask no more - follow your heart, buy the book and EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC!!!


Janice Wotherspoon, BSW

Wings to Freedom Consulting, Dedicated to Eliminating Poverty Forever

Melville , Saskatchewan , Canada





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